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For a short time only! | An extra 20% on Sale! | Women Men Kids
Valid from June 25 to July 1, 2017 in the TOM TAILOR e-shop. Cannot be combined with other promotions.
Items marked as a "Favorite Choice," gift vouchers and regular products are excluded from this promotion.
39.99 29.99
T-shirt with patterned detail 15.99 9.99
So cool: the combination of open patterned shirt, T-shirt and denim with distressed sections.
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79.99 59.99
sneakers with print in a blend of materials 59.95 49.99
Patterned shirt 39.99 25.99
Fine-knit jumper in a marled look 39.99 29.99
The shirt in fine jacquard style is a little more chic.
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sneakers with rubber toe cap 49.95 44.99
checked shirt 39.99 22.99
T-shirt with patterned detail 15.99 12.99
Checked shirts are the must-have items for casual and urban styles.
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59.99 45.99
simple fabric sneakers 39.95 29.99
hoodie with embroidery 49.99 29.99
59.99 39.99
The shirt with cool jacquard pattern can be combined well with denim.
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sneakers with appliqué stripes 49.95 44.99
shirt with woven-in pattern 39.99 22.99
The uni shirt is perfect for the informal look.
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sunglasses with double bridge 69.95