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Let yourself be inspired

Your Valentine’s Style 2017

Whether you’re dating, in a relationship or newly single — this Valentine’s Day belongs to you. More >

Our New Year’s Fashion Resolutions for 2017

You can forget taking up jogging, we have the ultimate 2017 New Year’s resolutions for you! More >

Your perfect party outfit

It's almost time for Christmas and all the parties that come with it. Let us give you some inspiration for the perfect outfit. Shop now >

Your perfect appearance!

Let us inspire you for your upcoming Christmas parties. Shop now >

The Big Easy

Lightweight and something special are the current style this season. Shop now >

On-Trend Feminine Styles

It is during this season that we once again fall in love with feminine styles, combining them with rocky biker jackets or oversized coats. Shop now >

Fashion Blogger Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Last week, we cornered Louisa, Aylin and Sebastian for a whole day in a studio in the Schanze district of Hamburg. While in front of the camera, we cajoled the fashion professionals into giving us an insight into their lives. More >

For more glitter in everyday life

In this interview, Julia reveals which color could replace black as the new classic and which trends we simply cannot avoid this season. More >

Get Ready for the Fall with Hoard of Trends

We are delighted to introduce Magdalena from the fashion and lifestyle blog Hoard of Trends as our lookbook model for the current fall/winter collection. More >