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The best place in life is at home – and with TOM TAILOR HOME and our home textiles you can turn your home into a comfortable paradise.


Everybody likes to have a rest after a strenuous day at work. TOM TAYLOR has a lot of ideas how to add extra comfort, and to make coming home even more relaxed and enjoyable. The centre of cosiness: The bedroom. You can choose bedding matching your interior to make your home even more comfortable. However, it is not always a question about colours or design. The comfort factor depends most of all on the material the dreams are made of. 100 % cotton is the perfect material because cotton is breathable and especially skin friendly. By the way, about 90 percent of all Europeans sleep in cotton. Cotton is the material both satin and jersey are made of, the only difference is their type of weave. Our jersey-fitted sheets are very soft, climate regulating, breathable, and elastic – and are therefore the perfect fabric for fitted sheets. Jersey is in addition non-iron and easy-care. Satin bedding is also made from cotton. The subtle shine looks very elegant and the smooth material feels soft on your skin, it also equalizes the temperature. Linon bedding is also a natural product and is made of 100 percent cotton. Linon is often used for children’s bedding, because the material is rather durable and offers excellent absorptive capacity. On average, we use our bedding eight hours a day. For hygienic reasons we have to wash it frequently and regularly at 60 ° C. Small washing tip: Before washing turn the covers inside out – like this you protect the colours and the surface.

TOM TAILOR HOME: Towels & Bathrobes

Cotton’s triumphal procession does not end in front of the bathroom: With our terry towels you can create colourful accents in the bathroom and impress with your beach towel on your holidays. In any case one thing is for sure: The day starts twice as beautifully if a cosy bathrobe waits for you after your shower. Either made of pure, soft terry or as a satin mix with elegant details.

TOM TAILOR HOME: Curtains, Cushions & Blankets

In the bedroom you can make your bed with a beautiful blanket and matching cushions presentable for the day. On your couch in the living room blankets and cushions are impressive companions to provide harmonious candlelight evenings watching your favourite soap. After all, blankets & cushions are beautiful, decorative accessories. A particularly harmonious idea is to match their colour with the curtainst. Your taste decides how to present your window: Do you prefer block stripes or floral patterns? Or do you rather like a more reserved look? Strong colours or pastel hues add a happy touch, soft grey- and beige colours are rather elegant and sophisticated. Always a good idea: The room looks bright and cheerful with shiny white curtains. The brighter the curtains are, the more daylight will enter the room. In bedrooms dark colours like black and dark grey dominate, so that the beauty sleep is not suddenly interrupted when the sun rises. At the end a technical question: Do you want to fix the curtain with playful loops or with functional eyelets on a bar? Once you have made your mind up, go to TOM TAILOR HOME and enjoy choosing your new home textiles.