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Cool sweatshirts and fashionable jumpers for girls

Sweatshirts are the perfect companion for girls – whether they’re at Kindergarten, at school, doing sports or even chilling on the couch. Jumpers for girls distinguish themselves from boys clothing and express the child’s individuality. Cheerful patterns are fun and are at the heart of what we do. It’s ultimately up to the child’s taste – whether it’s finished with girly embroidery, a striped pattern or sweet floral prints. In our shop you’ll find the right piece.

Striking patterns and versatile styling ideas

Hoodies and cheeky long sleeve tops are perfect for sporty outfits and casual street styles. Fine striped patterns, humorous smiley prints or colourful embroidery add a lot of pep to the design. Asymmetric cuffs and big hoods give the style a casual flair. Knitwear, such as cardigans, provide a slightly more elegant touch for formal occasions, which will shine over a skirt or dress. Tops are given really strong, girly accents with a frilled trim, sequins and floral appliqués. The only thing that counts when considering colour is whether the child likes it. The plain sweatshirt is the same versatile pairing piece partner as ever and harmonises with patterned trousers. The various styling opportunities create unique and varied outfits, which is what makes the sweatshirt so well-loved. Jeans are garments that are always en vogue and never fail when paired with a sweatshirt or jumper. Treggings are even more comfortable, and are distinguished by a high percentage of elastane. Add trainers and a printed jacket and your little one is set up for a very trendy day. Style the sweatshirt with a skirt and leggings and you give it a sweet touch.

Comfort plays a decisive role

To avoid jumpers gathering dust in the wardrobe, they don’t just have to be stylish but they also have to be comfortable. What girl doesn’t love a cosy, soft sweatshirt? If the fit is nice and loose the top will sit comfortably. But our fitted TOM TAILOR shirts also wow with comfort as they are finished in skin-friendly and breathable cotton or are refined with a percentage of stretch. Viscose is slightly lighter and usually has a subtly shimmering outer surface – perfect for elegant looks. Wide cuffs, a stand up collar or a softly brushed interior raise the feel-good factor when wearing and create a good sit at the same time. Sweatshirts with raglan sleeves offer active girls more freedom of movement because the sleeve seam runs along the neckline. Jumpers with a large cord hood protect from the cold and wind and also look incredibly casual. Conclusion: Girls’ sweatshirts and jumpers are essential for little fashionistas because they are fashionable and comfortable. Sweet details and exciting patterns add a little variation to the outfit – which means that fashion is fun for little ones and ensures that these pieces won’t end up bundled into the back of the wardrobe. Your child’s taste is the most important factor when choosing a piece.