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A girls’ T-shirt and top is the basis for every style

Whether for school or free-time, T-shirts, long sleeved shirts and sleeveless tanktops for girls have to be incredibly comfortable and practical. They are the basis for every outfit and wardrobe. To put it briefly, they are essential for everyday wear. For active free-time, cotton fabrics are sought after because they can be washed at high temperatures, meaning stains are no problem. Cotton is particularly easy to care for, comfortable and let the skin breathe. As short-sleeved cotton T-shirts sit loosely on a girls’ body, there is nothing in the way of them raving and having fun. The same is true for school and Kindergarten, as children are also very active here. Cotton blends are also very robust and look very smart. Take care with tops to ensure that the neckline and sleeves aren’t too tight. Otherwise the T-shirt will be banished to the back of the girls’ wardrobe.

Cheerful design, bright colours and elegant details

T-shirts and tops for girls are available in varied designs and colours in today’s world of fashion – the only deciding factor is the little one’s taste. Whether with a floral, polka dot, striped pattern or plain coloured, the girls’ top is the key piece for every unique style. Jeans are a simple and versatile combination partner. The outfit is perfect with trousers in lightweight or especially robust fabric. Trainers work perfectly with a top or T-shirt, pair with lace-up ankle boots with a stud trim and your rock look is sorted. T-shirts for girls also come with details like bright embroidery, swirling fringing, small bows or sophisticated knot elements. Children’s T-shirts are definitely recommended for special occasions like birthdays or the next family party. T-shirts adorned with sequins and glittering motifs are a good alternative to blouses. Darker tones with subtle stripes or polka dots also look very chic. Flounces, frills and sheer lace inserts give the T-shirt a certain je ne sais quoi. The softly flowing viscose fabric or blended fabric look slightly more elegant than pure cotton. Here are a few exciting styling tips: ● Causal with shoes: Pair your little one’s favourite T-shirt with jeans or shorts. A jumper or cardigan completes a cool, comfortable outfit. ● Casual in free-time: A comfortable, loosely cut T-shirt in breathable cotton, tracksuit bottoms and lightweight fabric shoes offer freedom of movement and comfort for all her little adventures. ● Elegant for a party: A top with a glittering heart and small, sparkly ruffled edge looks very charming when paired with chinos or a skirt and ballerinas. A short bolero jacket is the cherry on top of this elegant look. As you can see, girls’ T-shirts and tops are versatile and indispensable like no other garment. Wear them solo in summer and under jumpers and jackets on cooler days. They keep you warm, are ridiculously comfortable and are available in stylish variations. No surprise that T-shirts are so popular with girls. Now, all you and your little one have to do is find the right T-shirt in our TOM TAILOR shop!