Matt jeans


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Product details
  • With a button and elasticated waistband
  • In denim with a percentage of stretch
  • In a classic five-pocket design
  • With subtle whiskering on the upper leg and the backs of the knees
  • Shipped rolled up
  • With a subtle garment wash for a vintage look
  • Matt fit: low-rise waist, regular cut, regular leg
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Boys: Jeans & Pants
Waist (cm)52,053,054,055,056,057,058,060,0
Hip (cm)57,059,061,063,065,067,069,072,0
waist to hip (cm)10,511,211,912,613,314,014,715,4
back waist length (cm)22,023,224,425,626,828,029,231,0
front waist length (cm)24,525,326,427,528,629,730,832,3
Matt jeans
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