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Whether as a warm and practical layer in spring or as a fashion statement designed to add a little elegance to your outfit, men’s gilets bring something a little different to your winter collection. Including hoods or fine detailing, in quilted fabrics or hardwearing polyesters, it’s easy to mix-and-match a gilet with your existing wardrobe for a range of different looks. They’re the perfect winter warmer under a large coat, they work beautifully as a stand-alone piece over a cosy cardigan or other knitwear, and they can even be worn as part of a smart outfit in the office. In fact, there’s nothing the men’s gilet can’t do!

The TOM TAILOR collection of men’s gilets brings you a huge range of styles from which to choose. Whether you are looking for the ultimate in casual wear or something a little more sophisticated, you’ll find the right fit. Try a puffer style gilet for those chilly autumn mornings and you’ll be glad of the extra insulation. Grab a gilet and hood combination if you think there’s going to be showers or throw on your favourite lightweight gilet on a crisp and sunny morning. Whatever the season, you’ll find men’s gilets are ready for anything.


Men’s gilets are the go-to garment for athletes around the world thanks to their thermally insulating properties and flexibility. These sleeveless jackets don’t constrict your movements while walking, running, playing sports, or working out, and you’ll often see the most celebrated sportsmen in the world rocking their favourite gilet. Additionally, the thermal benefits provided by a gilet help prevent injuries by keeping your core temperature at a constant level. In fact, they’re the perfect training aid, particularly on those early morning jogs.

However, for many, the gilet is a modern fashion statement that transcends its popularity with athletes. Matched with a pair of stylish jeans and a polo shirt, men’s gilets will form the basis of an on-trend outfit that is suitable for almost any smart/casual occasion. A slimline fashion gilet can be worn as part of a trouser and blazer combo that is the height of sophistication. Additionally, you can try a man’s gilet with a whole range of other fashion choices and clothing styles to build a look that’s uniquely yours.


Among the many benefits of a gilet is its capacity for easy layering. It’s an ideal transition garment and can be worn throughout the year when paired with suitable seasonal clothing. Whether rocking a gilet underneath your favourite parka in February, over a t-shirt in April, or as part of your Christmas outfit in December—naturally, including your favourite festive jumper—you’ll find it easy to build a look based around this versatile garment. If you don’t already own one, or even if you do, take a fresh look at the collection today and discover the perfect addition to your seasonal wardrobe.