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It’s the pinnacle of British cool and the archetypal jacket of the mod movement. The parka—a true 60s icon that rocks an authentic look still relevant today. What began life as an essential Inuit garment designed to provide protection from the coldest of winters, soon became a global favourite thanks to bands such as The Jam and The Small Faces—forever etching its distinctive style on the psyche of the fashion world. Browse the huge range of men’s parkas in the TOM TAILOR collection and discover a selection of cuts and styles designed to recall those unforgettable days.


While the Arctic Circle is the birthplace of the parka, the US military is its spiritual home. During the 1950s, the US Army was responsible for designing two distinctive styles of parka coat—the snorkel and the fishtail. The snorkel parka is characterised by its waist length cut and a zip up hood that creates a tube around the face. Designed to withstand the most extreme conditions, the snorkel parka is usually very well insulated and highly water resistant.

The fishtail parka, on the other hand, provided an extended “tail” at the back of the coat that could be wrapped and secured between the legs. While still a feature on modern fishtail parkas, today, most of these details are decorative and no longer function in the same way as those original military garments. They are still excellent coats for cold winter days and usually offer high water resistance to ensure you’re never caught short on those grey January days.


The versatility of a parka as a winter coat is clear, and it is easily paired with most of the items in your wardrobe. For that authentic mod look, try a pair of drainpipe trousers and button-down shirt with a pair of smart shoes. For non-purists, then jeans, t-shirt, and a pair of trainers is perfectly on-trend, providing a casual look that’s popular in cities across the world. When the temperature plummets, throw on your favourite hat and scarf to stay warm in style. Alternatively, try a lightweight parka with a pair of rain trousers if you plan to do a little outdoor adventuring—you’ll be glad about the extra waterproofing when the rains hit!

Today, men’s parkas are available in a range of styles and cuts with extra detailing designed to offer a unique departure from the original military coats. You’ll find stylish faux fur hoods, high-quality elasticated cuffs, and a range of different materials that add a contemporary touch to the vintage look of a men’s parka. Additionally, bold colours and muted shades finish each of the distinctive parkas in our collection. Whether in black or bright red, you’ll find the perfect parka to match your existing wardrobe, allowing you to build a modern look from your favourite clothes. Grab yours today from the official online store and get ready for winter in style.