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For the most laidback of looks, men’s relaxed fit jeans are the garment of choice and a perennial favourite. Designed with comfort and manoeuvrability in mind, loose fitting jeans look great on a range of body shapes and sizes, providing flexibility and stretch when you need it most. Relaxed denims are worn much more loosely than skinny or slim fit jeans, and they bring a classic look to any wardrobe. Browse the range in the TOM TAILOR Denim collection and find the perfect pair of relaxed fit jeans.


While men’s relaxed fit jeans have often been the preserve of skaters and other urban sports stars, today, they are very much on-trend—boasting serious style for any occasion. Rock a true street style with a loose-fitting long-sleeved t-shirt, bring something a little more sartorial to the mix with a fashion gilet and scarf, or throw the rules to the wind and pull on your favourite tank for the ultimate in stoner style. However you wear them, the relaxed fit and laidback style of these jeans won’t compromise your look.

Relaxed fit jeans work well in a variety of situations, and the added comfort ensures they’re great on the road. In fact, whether driving cross-country or jumping on a long-haul flight, the loose-fitting fabric provides plenty of stretch and support, meaning you won’t be constantly shifting in your seat—however long the journey. Additionally, high quality cottons and elastane feel great on your skin and bring an extra level of flexibility to our jeans. Naturally, all of our jeans are manufactured to exacting standards, and each pair is ready for everything life will throw at them.


Whether as your go-to jeans for the workshop, studio, or construction site, or as your favourite pair of wind-down jeans when you’re done with work for the day, loose fitting jeans are easy-going and functional. They’re available in a broad range of colours, shades, and washes, making them easy to pair with items from your existing wardrobe, while providing an enduring look that moves with the times. They work well with a t-shirt and trainers for when you need to get your hands dirty, or with a pair of dress shoes and stylish belt for occasions that demand a casual sophistication that is neither dressed up or dressed down.

Relaxed fit jeans look fantastic with a bit of age, gradually building character as you wear them in. Just remember, don’t wash your jeans too often if you want to create a unique look—a good pair of jeans will grow with you and the natural materials like to breathe. Additionally, a bit of tough love goes a long way with a pair of relaxed jeans, and distressed denims look great wherever you wear them. Browse the range today in the official online shop and find the perfect pair of loose-fitting denims to add to your collection.