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It all begins with the music. Skinny jeans for men moved from rock and roll, through punk, to heavy metal, and finally hip hop—getting tighter as the years progressed but always rocking a unique style that has stood the test of time. Today, everyone has at least one pair, from top-earning footballers to high-flying entrepreneurs and Hollywood legends. They’re both flattering and comfortable, and they work with a variety of looks. Skinny jeans are truly the go-to garment of the 21st century.

Throw on your favourite trainers with a pair of skinny jeans and graphic tee and you’re ready for anything. This simplest of looks is ideal for casual settings, whether out on the town with your friends or relaxing at home. Ramp-up the style with a pair of sophisticated leather shoes and a shirt, perfect for any occasion that requires a little more sartorial style. Alternatively, a pair of skinny denims and a leather jacket is rock and roll at its purest—a look just waiting for you to wear in and make your own.


Unlike the early skinny denims and tight-fitting trousers, today’s designs don’t compromise on comfort for the sake of style. Modern skinny jeans use denim with varying amounts of stretchable fabric, ensuring that you can find a pair that fits snugly without constricting—whatever your body shape and size. You’ll find low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise skinny jeans for men that will help you tailor the perfect fit, alongside longer leg lengths that are perfect for turn-ups and shorter ankle length jeans that let your legs breathe a little more in summer.

Additionally, you can choose between skinny and extra skinny fits depending on how tight you like to wear them. Either way, the high-quality materials and construction of our men’s skinny jeans means that they are built to last. Manufactured to rigorous standards, your jeans won’t let you down. Jump into a new pair and start roughing up the denim to create your own unique pair—but remember, don’t wash them too often if you want them to age in style.


Denim looks great in black, blue, and everything in between. From the coolest stone washes to a fresh pair of indigo skinny jeans, the range of colours and distressed styles is endless. If you prefer to be on the paler side of blue or black, then grab yourself a pair of acid washed jeans. For something a bit smarter and monotone then forget about the washes entirely. Try a pair of skinny black denims, black shirt, and black boots for an on-trend look reminiscent of 1980s New York, or perhaps just throw on your favourite sweatshirt and relax with your most comfortable pair of ripped jeans. Whatever your style, check out the range at the official online TOM TAILOR shop and find men’s skinny jeans made for you.