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Slim fit jeans for men balance the comfort of straight fit with the style of skinny fit. Featuring a leg width that sits somewhere in the middle of the two, you’ll find that classic look that’s a little easier to climb out of at the end of a long day. Slim fit jeans for men also have slightly wider ankle openings that work beautifully with boots, and that accommodate larger feet a little more easily. However, slim fit jeans still have the ability to lengthen the appearance of the leg and provide a flattering cut for a variety of body shapes and sizes.


For men who prefer a slightly more relaxed cut, slim fit jeans are the ideal addition to your wardrobe. They pair perfectly with a pair of dress shoes and a cool shirt for a hot date. Alternatively, throw on your most comfortable trainers and walk the dog. Whether for a special occasion or simply as day-to-day wear, slim cuts will measure up—allowing you to step out in style wherever you are heading.

Slim fit jeans are also great in any season—giving you a little more fabric to work with on the coldest days of the year and allowing you to more easily turn-up those ankles when the sun is shining. Try your skinny denims with a tank top when the temperature rises and let your skin get a little extra vitamin D. During the coldest months of the year, nestle into your favourite knitwear and winter coat and you’re ready for anything the elements can throw at you. Whatever the weather is doing, you can count on a pair of high-quality slim fit jeans.


Whether you’re after fresh pressed denims that look straight off the shelf, or you like your jeans to have a little more character, you’ll find plenty of options at the official online TOM TAILOR shop. The simple style of a pair of indigo blues is timeless and enduring, forming the basis for so many great looks. However, for something with a bit of an edge, try a pair of pre-ripped men’s slim fit jeans which are always on-trend. Other stylish distressed features also help to bring out the rugged charm of a high-quality denim—showing your wild side without having to wait for your jeans to catch up.

Men’s slim fit jeans are also available in a variety of washes and colours designed to let you mix-and-match your wardrobe with ease. Classic blues, blacks, and greys are the ideal foundation for a burgeoning collection, while some of the more exotic washes in the range make excellent statement pieces as part of any outfit. Discover your next pair of slim fit jeans and rock a classic look that’s as timeless now as it was back in the day.