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You might be surprised to hear that the original sweatshirt, designed by quarterback Benjamin Russell Jr in the 1920s, was based on women’s undergarments—a variation of the classic union suit that was worn in bed or underneath more elaborate outfits. In an attempt to replace the itchy, woollen shirts he wore while playing, Russell took inspiration from these thick cotton tops and turned them into rugged pieces of athletic gear made to dominate the field. The rest is history, and today, the sweatshirt is the go-to garment for athletes, sports stars, musicians, and actors all across the world.


Men’s sweatshirts make the ideal blank canvas for graphic prints and slogans. Whether in neon colours with sharp geometric design or featuring stark black on white prints that really pop, the choice is yours. Vintage inspired graphics bring a little authentic athletic style to any wardrobe, while stripes or checker patterns with faded fabrics also provide a retro look that is sure to catch the eye. Pair one up with your 60s inspired trainers to rock a cool and classic look that’s always on-trend. Alternatively, try a bold and bright sweatshirt, shorts, and sandals at the beach—however you wear it, you’re sure to make a statement.

Available in a broad range of colours and shades, men’s sweatshirts are also easily paired with other items in your clothing collection. Thrown over your favourite t-shirt and a pair of jeans, men’s sweatshirts are ideal for casual, everyday wear. For a full-on athletic look, jogging trousers complete the outfit, providing comfort and manoeuvrability when you need it most. Need a warm sweatshirt for work? No problem! You’ll also find a range of smart but casual sweats ready for the office.


The versatility of men’s sweatshirts means they’re the ideal garment whatever the weather. In winter, a high-quality sweatshirt provides plenty of warmth, and by layering underneath a warm parka or jacket you’ll be ready for even the coldest months. In spring and autumn, a sweater is usually all you need to keep the wind off your back, and when the sun is shining just roll up the sleeves to cool off. During the warmer months, throw a sweatshirt in a bag for the evening and you’re ready for those long summer days that seem to never end—just don’t forget your sunglasses!

Manufactured from a range of high-quality materials, the TOM TAILOR collection of sweatshirts for men provides comfort and durability without compromising on style. In cotton, jersey, and synthetic fibres, you’ll find each of the sweaters in our range is soft and flexible enough for the whole day. What’s more, whether you like to wear them loose fitting and flowing, or tight and form hugging, there’s a range of cuts and fabrics designed for all body shapes and sizes. Browse the collection today and discover your next favourite sweatshirt—you’ll be glad you did!