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Perhaps you’re the Hawaiian type; all bright colours and bold floral patterns. Maybe you’re the more reserved type; sleek, black and tailored to fit. You might even be the tartan and t-shirt type; double layered for an extra level of rugged lumberjack style. Whatever your favourite look, there’s no denying that the short sleeve shirt is a wardrobe essential that’s as versatile as it is stylish. Browse the collection of men's short sleeve shirts at the official online TOM TAILOR shop and find your next favourite go-to garment.


Men’s short sleeve shirts are the ultimate in summer style, providing lightweight fabrics and breezy cuts to help keep you cool in even the hottest weather. They can be buttoned down when the temperature rises or buttoned up when it gets a little cooler. The short sleeves will allow your skin to grab a little vitamin D when the sun is shining, but they’re also smart enough to be part of your evening wear when you’re heading out to your favourite beachside restaurant. Whether with swim shorts and sandals or trousers and shoes, men’s short sleeve shirts are the perfect fit.

When the nights draw in and the temperature drops, there’s still plenty of opportunity to keep that summer spirit alive with a brightly coloured short sleeved shirt as part of a layered look. They work beautifully when paired with other items such as tank tops and t-shirts, giving you plenty of flexibility to build your own look. They’re also a comfortable and versatile garment when things get really wild out—just pull over your favourite sweater and coat and you’re ready for anything the weather can throw at you. Practical, easy to wear, and always good looking, short sleeve shirts are great in any season.


Whatever your body shape and size, you’ll find the perfect fit in our collection of men’s short sleeve shirts. You can try something form-fitting and tailored for a big night out or looser cut and relaxed as an everyday garment when you’re lazing around the house. Additionally, slim fit, skinny fit, classic and contemporary cuts allow you to play with a range of shapes and cuts to discover what suits your body type best.

All of the short sleeve shirts within the collection are manufactured from the highest quality materials. In soft cottons or flannels, in practical anti-wrinkle fabrics, or in classic denim, each of our shirts is kind to your skin and comfortable to wear. Including a range of smart collars, thoughtfully placed breast pockets, turned up sleeves, and many other interesting details, there’s plenty of style that suits any occasion or venue. Browse the collection today and find the perfect short sleeve shirt for your wardrobe—whether on the beach or in the boardroom, you can count on a short sleeve shirt to provide the perfect balance between smart and casual.