Statements & Trousers

Some of our favourite pants hang in our closet for years and still fit every look. Now is time to invest again, because statement pants are the trend of the hour. They not only present themselves autumn-ready with new prints and fabrics but show off with some special features. So let yourself be surprised by our pants must-haves of the season!

Checked trousers

Don’t miss out on this trend because: Checked trousers can be worn chic or casual. For an elegant look, grab a shirt in one of the colours that you can find on the trousers. For a more casual look, basic shirtsor hoodies and cool trainers are suitable.

Corduroy is unstoppable!

In the seventies, the corduroy pant was the must-have of the nation. Now it is back! Soft, ribbed and totally trendy, it has blossomed from stuffy to stylish! If you like it casual the corduroy pant is just right for you. For a particular casual look wear corduroy all-over.

Trousers with cool Extras

For the new season, we came up with a very special thing. Many trousers and jeans have new details, which not only look cool but also keep it easier for you in your daily life.
There are, for example, braided cords with metal ring or carabiner which not only look great but also can act as a key chain.

Another special is the silver branded bottle opener on the cord. So you are guaranteed to score in many situations and are the hero of the hour.

The original Jeans: Raw Denim

Raw denim, the original jeans, is just back on the agenda. The special feature: The raw denim has no washing. In its original state, it is dipped in dark colour and left in its shape. Therefore it appears pure, edgy and cool but can also be decent and restrained.

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