What to wear: Summer vacation

It's a dilemma that is probably as old as travelling itself: The long-awaited summer holiday is just around the corner and you want to take along all your favourite items but as always there isn't enough space in the suitcase. In the following, we are presenting you our favourite looks that have you prepared for any situation on your holiday!


If you are going on a long-haul flight or have a long drive ahead of you, you should definitely arrange a comfortable travel outfit. A cosy hoodie that will keep you warm in an air-conditioned plane, for example! Alternatively, a casual combination of an airy blouse and a colour-coordinated culotte offer you a perfect summer look to start exploring as soon as you get to your destination. You decide!


If you are set to go on an exploration tour as soon as you arrive at your dream destination, you have the choice between our casual, yellow blouse dress or an elegant dress with a chic allover print. Combine the dresses with a thin jacket, light sneakers and a light bag and you're ready to make your way through urban canyons and winding alleys.


The sun is shining, the sands are crunching under your feet and you can hear the sound of the surf in the distance- it's beachtime! It doesn’t take much for a perfect beach day: Get the retro beach feeling with our striped swimsuit, have a towel in one hand and your best friend or boyfriend in the other and off you go! But hold on- for the perfect beach day, a spacious beach bag for your snacks, drinks, sun cream and a good book is a must. Keep a clear view with a pair of our sunglasses and throw on a tunic or tie a pareo around your hips to give your beach look that certain something!


You have gained a whole day’s worth of new impressions and beautiful memories and now want to get ready for the evening. What is it going to be? A chic restaurant in the pulsating city centre? A romantic dinner evening for two at the beach promenade? Or are you more into dancing the night away at a beach party? We have put together three looks for you to be perfectly dressed in any occasion.


Being prepared for any situation means of course having a plan B, should the day literally be a washout- simply throw over our cheerful yellow raincoat. As an absolute classic it not only brightens grey days with its colour but effectively keeps cold and wetness at bay! Be prepared for all eventualities. It's not the weather that determines your holiday, it's you.

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