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The sun is shining, weather is sweet, and the temperature is about to hit an all-time high with the hottest bikinis at TOM TAILOR. From the cute and colourful to the svelte and ever-so-sexy, you’ll find bikinis, bathing suits, and other gorgeous swimwear ready for some seriously good vibes. Whether on the beach, at the pool, or just enjoying aperitivo on a sun-drenched terrace, there’s nothing that says summer more than a sleek and stylish bikini, and our collection brings together the best examples to help you dream of your next escape.


The beauty of bikinis lies in their versatility, and the TOM TAILOR collection allows you to easily mix and match different bikini tops and bottoms to create a look all of your own. With bright, tropical prints; vintage styled stripes and spots; alluring blocks of plain colour; and a range of eye-catching designs, the choices are endless—and you’ll always find a winning combination. Additionally, the high-quality materials in TOM TAILOR’s bikinis means you’ll always find a comfortable fit.

Besides your choice of colour and print, you can also mix and match bikini styles and cuts to your preference. The TOM TAILOR collection includes a broad range of bikini briefs and bottoms featuring fine detailing such as bows, knots, and side gathers. You’ll also find a range of fits suitable for all types of body shape and size. To complement your sleek bikini bottoms, TOM TAILOR has plenty of tops in a selection of styles. Including push-ups, halter necks, triangle straps, and strapless variations, you’re sure to find the right top for your next summer adventure.


Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, everyone loves the beach. However, some people like to flash a little more flesh than others, and in truth, a two-piece bikini is not always the best choice if your heading to the bottom of the ocean on a scuba diving trip, or you want to hit the surf on a wild and windy day. Thankfully, TOM TAILOR has you covered—literally! In our collection you’ll find a range of one-piece swimsuits and beach wear that’s perfect for more demanding beach activities, and that also covers a little more skin than a skimpy bikini.

For sun lovers who prefer to spend their time on dry land, pairing up a bikini with a long-sleeved t-shirt is a good idea, giving you a little more protection from UV rays during the hottest parts of the day. As the sun sets, throw on a hoodie and get cosy by a drift wood fire, when it’s time to grab a bite to eat, you can simply pull on a pair of your favourite boyfriend jeans and head to the restaurant. However you plan to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand on your next tropical retreat, make sure you browse the range of beautiful bikinis at the official TOM TAILOR store and get ready for a summer to remember.