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They can be the very epitome of timeless sophistication or the height of modern cool, but whatever the design, long sleeve blouses are truly a girl’s best friend. In cotton, chiffon, denim, rayon, and many other luxurious fabrics, the long sleeve blouse works in any material and lends itself well to a variety of looks and combinations. You’ll find them in pastel shades, bold and bright primary colours, in plaid, acid wash, and even with spectacular graphic prints that are sure to catch the eye—the choices are endless.

Whether you’re looking for something glamourous and glitzy for a night out on the town or you want something smart and buttoned-down for your next big meeting, long sleeve blouses from TOM TAILOR are available in a broad range of cuts and styles suited to any occasion. Shop for something simple to wear under a gilet for a refined look that speaks pure class or throw on your favourite pair of straight leg jeans and add a dash of colour with a long sleeve blouse—it’s the perfect foundation for countless styles and easily combines with all your favourite pieces.


Even if your wardrobe is overflowing with glamourous garments and cutting-edge clothes, a long sleeve blouse is a welcome addition. They can be simple and unassuming or intricate and finely detailed, but either way, you’ll be glad to have a selection that’s ready for anything. Wear the sleeves down for an elegant and urbane appearance and roll them up for when you’re ready to get some work done—the same shirt has many different faces, just like you.

The TOM TAILOR collection also features shirts and women’s blouses in a variety of cuts, from tunics and box-shapes to floaty favourites that feel wonderful in a summer breeze. Match your cut with your preferred neck line or choose exactly how much you want to show the world with a button-down blouse that lets you cool down in the heat of summer. A range of tassels, ties, and bows finish the most decorative blouses in the TOM TAILOR collection, and a few lacey touches here and there add a delicate aesthetic that juxtaposes beautifully with a roughed-up pair of slim cut jeans.


Long sleeve blouses are suited to a range of body shapes and sizes—and plus size women are well catered for. There’s tight and form-fitting options or looser fabrics that hang from the shoulders, but whichever you choose, long sleeve blouses are flattering and bring attention to all the right places. Contrast your chosen blouse with the latest knitwear for a little winter warmth or wear yours as a statement piece at a glamourous gala. Whatever your plans and whatever your style, you’re certain to find the perfect fit. Browse the TOM TAILOR collection today and find your next long sleeve blouse—your wardrobe will thank you for it!