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Women's Sweatshirts and Jumpers

True BFF’s: Women's sweatshirts and jumpers are with us all year round – thanks to the unsteady weather across the country. But of course, they are always more than welcome. Sweatshirts and jumpers make for colourful diversity in the wardrobe, the choice is huge. Thanks to new, fine materials, jumpers for women are a fashionable option on cold winter days offering highest wearing comfort. Sweatshirts and sweat jackets are great, too: Whether for the gym, at home or as cool streetwear – these comfortable all-rounders are always fashionable key-pieces.

Favourite-Pieces: Women's Jumpers

The jumper is a girl’s best friend. Once a favourite is found, you will never want to take it off anymore. No matter what the runways dictate at the moment, a comfortable jumper is for good. While in winter chunky knitted jumpers form an excellent contrast to skirts, finely knitted pullovers can be worn all year round. The material is so delicate that they can easily be worn under a blazer. For those who like it more colourful instead of plain, will always find great pieces: Colourful patterns, lace inserts, holes-, stripes- or point- structures, patches, logos, and prints. Extraordinary knits and cool details bring women's jumpers to life, while fabrics like cotton, wool or synthetic fibres guarantee highest wearing comfort. Various collars and necklines, turtlenecks, polo- or shawl collars provide plenty of variety. And for the coldest days of the year: pull your sweater’s hood over your head and get comfy.

Streetwear-Look with Sweatshirts and Sweat Jackets

Up until 1960 the typical sweatshirt was for sports only. Until many students started to print the name of their University on the front, turning the sweatshirt into serious leisurewear. Designer soon hinted the potential of the garment and started designing fashionable variations: The sweat jacket with a zip was born. Ever since women and men worldwide can’t do without their sweatshirts and sweat jackets. Just think of a comfortable hoodie: With their kangaroo pockets at the front and a cool drawstring they create a casual and cool streetwear-look. The great thing about that style: It is completely unpretentious, comfortable and always up-to-date. You decide how to wear it: Tapered sweatshirts and sweat jackets paired with a boyfriend jean? Or rather an oversize hoodie with a pair of skinny jeans? Classically paired with cool sneakers, but also very stylish with a pair of ankle boots. While in spring a simple shirt will do, in winter a cool long-sleeved shirt will add a finishing touch and keep you warm and cosy. If you’re really into those workouts and enjoy showing off a sporty style, our sweatshirts and sweat jackets are a must-have for your next appearance at the gym, the tennis-match or Yoga lesson. Cotton is especially skin-friendly and breathable, keeping you warm and dry at any time. And you can be sure it will keep its shape even after many washes.