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Dresses by TOM TAILOR

Always exciting: Dresses for women make women’s hearts beat faster. The only way a lady can have a glamorous appearance is by wearing a dress. It doesn’t always have to be the Oscars. Even at a dinner, or at a small party an extravagant dress can become the absolute eye-catcher.

For The Spaniard In You: Carmen Dresses

Which type of dress you are, this depends on the occasion and your mood. The all-time unique classic: The little black dress. There is hardly a season without the sheath dress being interpreted in a new way. It is and remains an evergreen and is famous all over the world – at the latest since Audrey Hepburns appearance in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s“. Designers’ love the little black dress and like to embellish it with extravagant details: Off-the-shoulder Carmen dresses or sheath dresses with extravagant trumpet sleeves are great eye-catchers. Those who feel that black is too dark, may as well opt for a crème-coloured or a bright red ladies’ dress. In any case, the shift cut flatters the feminine silhouette and is ideal for formal and festive events. Softly flowing dresses are also always en vogue. In colourful patterns in a uniquely casual boho-style or plain with playful frills or with off-shoulder-details, they make every woman look like a princess. Whether you choose a mini- or a maxi-dress or you go for a compromise, the knee-long midi-dress. Whatever you decide, it is also a question of your figure. For petite, small ladies maxi-dresses are often too long. They are better off with a boho dress reflecting the festive-look just as well.

Clothes Make The Woman: Emphasize Your Advantages, Cover Up Your Weaker Parts

For women with curves wrap dresses are ideal: The wrap dress stages the beautiful cleavage, the slim waist is emphasized and the strong hips are concealed. Shirt dresses stretch as well: The continuous button placket makes your body look that extra inch longer. A basic rule: To look really slim choose a dark dress – the darker the dress, the better. Is a small belly your problem? Don’t despair and try the A-shape! Empire-dresses play gently over you problem areas and emphasize the cleavage beautifully. Women with strong legs choose dresses with elaborate embroidery, or frills. Lace details at the top take the eyes away from sturdy calves.

The Material Dreams Are Made Of

For a great appearance, the material dresses are made of is of major importance. One of the most seductive materials is chiffon: The sensuous transparency has a romantic and feminine effect. Chiffon has one more advantage, it is incredibly light. This means that you hardly feel the weight of dresses made out of chiffon, you feel as if you are floating on cloud nine. Talking of comfort, we love jersey! Dresses made of jersey wrap around your curves, are figure-hugging, but guarantee plenty of freedom of movement. Also the elastic material feels pleasant on your skin and is carefree – an all-rounder amongst all fabrics for garments. During the beautiful time of the year summer dresses are in season. But even when it gets colder, you do not need to pass on the most feminine of all women’s clothes. With casual cardigans and warm tights you can wear even sleeveless dresses during the winter, while casual jeans- or knitted dresses can even survive an unpleasant autumn storm.