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Made for layering and ready for anything—women’s gilets are the ultimate in all-season wear. In fact, these stylish sleeveless jackets are among the most versatile garments in any wardrobe, providing warmth on a cold day without compromising your striking silhouette. They can be worn over a simple t-shirt on a cool spring day, or packed underneath your parka in the depths of winter. However, whatever you pair it with, a woman’s gilet is an on-trend essential that always looks great.


Women’s gilets come in two basic forms—the fashion gilet or the sports gilet. Both offer different qualities and work well with a variety of looks, providing you with a simple garment that you can base your outfit around. The fashion gilet is designed to make a statement, and you’ll find beautiful faux fur, suede, cotton, and knitted examples that work well with both casual and formal looks. Try a suede gilet featuring traditional patterns with a pair of straight jeans for a rancher look straight out of the old west. Alternatively, a simple cotton gilet works well with a lacey blouse when you want to accentuate your most delicate, feminine look.

Sports gilets, on the other hand, are often quilted and windproofed to protect against the cold. A pair of riding boots and sports gilet forms the core of the equestrian look, while a simple fleece gilet is ideal for days exploring the great outdoors. Today, women’s sports gilets are also a hit with runners on cold mornings, or as an extra layer of warmth when traveling to and from the gym. However, they can also be worn purely as a fashion statement—with casual street styles particularly popular during the winter.


Women’s gilets work wonderfully as a transition garment when the weather doesn’t quite know what to do with itself. Throw a gilet over your favourite knitwear in the autumn and you’ll be warm enough to enjoy those romantic sunset strolls as the leaves fall from the trees. In spring, a hooded gilet is your best friend when there are showers on the horizon and the wind is whipping up. A sports gilet and big coat will protect you from the harshest of winter weather and freezing temperatures—and in summer too, you can enjoy the extra warmth on those cooler evenings simply by throwing a gilet over your dress.

Today, women’s gilets are available in a huge range of colours, cuts, and styles that make it easy to mix-and-match with other items in your wardrobe. Go bold and bright with primary colours or tone it down with natural shades. Try something a little more eye-catching with geometric patterns or spots and stripes. You’ll also find extra details such as faux fur collars, chevron quilted side panels, plenty of zips, buckles and buttons alongside tasteful prints and slogans. Browse the TOM TAILOR collection today and discover the perfect women’s gilet for any season.