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dress with floral pattern 69.99 29.99
jacket with beautiful embroidery 99.99 69.99
Flower power — floral prints are currently a must. A perfect trend for spring that puts you in a good mood.
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trendy flip-flops 39.95 29.99
cross-body bag made from imitation leather 39.99
blouse with a transparent insert 39.99
Carrie slim-fit cargo pants 59.99 24.99
The on-trend color: olive green! An absolute must-have, as this color can be easily combined.
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satchel with ethnic pattern 49.99 44.99
platform sandals with tassels 49.95 39.99
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Photoshoot — Behind the scenes
Immerse yourself in our “Big City Vibes” and take a look behind the scenes of our photoshoot.
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Look forward to summer: Our models reveal what summer means to them.
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modern trench coat 99.99 69.99
Alexa slim-fit 7/8-length pants 59.99
It's not spring without the trench coat: Is this fashion favorite missing from your closet? Then it's time to get one.
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Canvas sneakers 39.95 29.99
blouson with glossy finish 69.99 35.99
blouse with knot detail on the sleeve 39.99 14.99
The denim skirt is back and we are really excited about this comeback. It's a MUST this season for every style-conscious woman.
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denim skirt with button panel 59.99 24.99
wedge sandals with striped pattern 49.95 39.99
striped dress 59.99 39.99
jacket made from high-quality imitation leather 89.99
Do you prefer a rock 'n' roll style? Don't worry! We have the perfect outfit for you.
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thin pleated scarf 25.99 9.99