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Men‘s T-Shirts And Long Sleeve T-Shirts By TOM TAILOR

You like it cool and comfortable and you would like to impress with making a trendy appearance? In this case our men’s t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts are the perfect choice. With us you can find a great selection of men’s t-shirts in all colours, styles, and shapes – come and have a good look! During summer, you need no more than a t-shirt to show your stylish side. While polo shirts – depending on the dress code – are suitable for the office, you can impress with casual t-shirts or masculine tank tops in your leisure time. On colder days cardigans, sweatshirts or hoodies look great paired with men‘s t-shirts – and when it really gets cold out there, a cosy sweater is the perfect choice. One thing is for sure: You can’t go wrong wearing a t-shirt. The more you own, the better it is!

It Must Not Always Be Short-Sleeved

A practical basic is the Men’s Long Sleeve T-Shirt. As a real multi-talent, it offers almost endless combination options! Plain or with trendy prints, with button placket, or with a legend – wearing a long-sleeved men’s t-shirt you will always be well dressed. One great advantage: T-Shirts for men with long sleeves can come along chic and elegant as well as casual and cool. Wear your men’s t-shirt according to your mood and matching the event - under a stylish jacket or with a sporty hoodie – your look will always be perfect. Men’s t-shirts with a button placket are especially sexy – keep the top buttons open, this will optically stretch your body and add that extra inch. Long sleeve t-shirts are also great for the transitional period. With men’s accessories like caps, shawls, or casual scarfs you will always look up-to-date.

Ultimately Masculine Men’s T-Shirts: Tank-Tops

Masculine, relaxed, and airy: Tank Tops are basics for real men. They show the best of you and make you look forward to the summer, sun, and party! At former times they were regarded as „underwear“, today tank tops have become really trendy garments. Even if they are not suitable for the office, you will be well-dressed during your leisure time. Worn with men’s jeans, men’s shorts or if you do sports – the light t-shirts are pleasant to wear and make sure that you will not sweat so easily. Very important: The right fit. Make sure that your top is not too short and that it is loose! You should wear very tight tank tops only if your body is in top form. If you wear a tank top in a sunny and a happy colour, your outfit will become a real eye-catcher. Men’s jeans, rolled up a little and light sneakers give you a real casual summer look.

Business And Socially Accepted: The Polo Shirt

You’re more into that sporty and elegant mood - but without wearing a men’s shirt? In this case a polo shirt is the ideal choice. It gets you perfectly dressed for almost every event – after all, the polo shirt is a firm component of a sophisticated dress style! Chic and traditional is your look, if you add a chino to your men’s polo shirt. A casual touch is the combination with men’s shorts or men’s jeans. Men’s polo shirts in striking colours look best in combination with less colourful trousers. If you wear a sweater on top, the collar can easily replace a men’s shirt collar. No matter which men’s polo shirt you are wearing: You will always be perfectly dressed if you choose from the TOM TAILOR selection. Come and let yourself be inspired!

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