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Skirts by TOM TAILOR

Mini-skirt, midi-skirt, maxi-skirt – skirts stage your femininity! They emphasize your legs, leaving enough freedom of movement for all those shopping excursions and dancing the night away. Sweeping or figure-hugging: Women’s skirts are available in countless varieties! Their extra plus: They can work magic to your figure by making small problem areas disappear around the hips, tummy, your behind, or at your thighs. Last but not least this turns the skirt into an absolute fashion favourite of countless, fashion conscious women.

The Length Makes the Difference

You can basically say: Skirts have the perfect length if they finish at the narrowest part of the leg. For most women this is a little above or below the knees. You feel that you have strong calves? This is no reason not to wear a skirt! Your legs look slimmer in models finishing shortly under or above your knees. A-shapes have an optical slimming effect too – especially if they are made of light, flowing materials like, for example, the highly fashionable pleated skirt. You would like to wear a skirt, which flattens your tummy? Then you should opt for a firm material. A denim-skirt is an excellent choice; the waist must not be too low – TOM TAILOR offers them in many different designs. Would you like to present an extra slim silhouette - in this case you should better pick a model in a darker colour, like black or dark blue. They will always make you look slimmer and it is easy to combine them with other colours.

Skirts Model and Cover Up

Do you feel that your hips are too wide? This problem can be solved very easily! You can hide big thighs or wide hips easily under a skirt. Preferably you opt for a model, which is not too short and at least reaches your knees. Swinging shapes or flares are ideal. If on top of it the skirt is made of a light, airy material your figure appears less sturdy and adopts a young girls’ touch. If your legs are not very long, you look best in short skirts. If the skirt reaches up to your waist, this will be especially flattering for your figure! A trick for all women who would like to look taller: Select a top in the same colour as the skirt. This stretches your body optically.

For Each Occasion a Skirt

Leisure time, party, company: A matching skirt is available for every occasion. For a day at the office wear a skirt which is not too short, but which nevertheless flatters your femininity. A blouse or an elegant blazer are the ideal completions for a perfect business look. However, you better not add flat shoes - worn with a knee long skirt - they make your legs look shorter. But on a night out with your friends or at a party, the skirt may as well be a little shorter and airier. Here sneakers, biker boots or ballerinas are an optimal choice because crashes of styles are welcome. If you fancy a sportier appearance simply wear a jersey-skirt. Paired with a plain shirt in summer, a pullover or a jumper during the cold months – a stylish yet comfy look is guaranteed.

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