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Women’s Shoes by TOM TAILOR

Women’s shoes are desirable objects all over the world. One thing is for sure: Women are obsessed with shoes. This is definitely an international phenomenon. The wish to buy another pair never stops. The Germans are top of the list! Germany is European champion in buying shoes. Germans even overtook the Italians. And the Germans are really proud of this. More statistics: A German woman has more than twice as many shoes as compared to a German man. In figures: On average 17.3 pairs of shoes are found in a woman’s shoe cabinet, whereas there are only 8,2 pairs in a man’s wardrobe. The study showed also that women often suffer a shopping spree and buy two to three pairs of women’s shoes at once. Men would never do that. The most popular women’s shoes are: Sneakers, ankle boots, ballerinas, high heels and platform shoes.

Women’s Shoes: The Ankle Boot in All Its Variations

Shoe fashion changes every season, but many women’s shoes stay hot trendsetters for many years. This includes Chelsea Boots, Ankle Boots, and Booties. Basically they are all ankle boots. Ankle boots and booties are almost identical, some suppliers make a difference by offering boots compared to booties and to ankle boots with a lower shaft. Contrary to this, Chelsea Boots have a clear distinction: The stretch insert at the side at the shaft. The reason why the different types of ankle boots sell so well is the fact that they are such combination talents. Whether worn with a Boyfriend Jeans, a skirt or a dress – the boots will always go well with any of them. All year round they guarantee a casual appearance and are anything but fashion to last for one season only. In winter the darker colours are more popular and in the summer women rather opt for pastel- or beige colours.

Another Two Hot Classics: Wedges and Espadrilles

We love wedge sandals! The reason for this is simple: The wedge heel makes them extremely comfortable – no matter how high this wedge heel may be. No wobbling, no stumbling – these women’s shoes are static miracles and make the difference to the so-called women’s shoes you can only sit down when you wear them. Like we all know those kind of high heels with heels so high that you hardly dare to take a step. Wedges are offered with jute- or cork heels, sometimes cloth or leather cover the heels and/or the sole. Strap or ballerina bow closures, glitter embroideries, or cool with denim-details – these women’s shoes surely embellish the warm season. The look good with long Dresses as well as with short skirts, with women’s shorts, flared trousers, and skinny jeans. They optically stretch the legs and accompany us everywhere: Shopping, to work, or to a garden party. A most typical summer shoe are the Espadrilles. The quiet, flat women’s shoe with its jute sole and slip-in shaft made of cotton, linen or leather provides us with holiday feeling of sun, beach, and the sea. During the1950s stars like Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, and Pablo Picasso made these types of shoes popular. Ever since, there is a revival every year. This women’s shoe has glittering companions as well: Espadrilles with sequins and with shiny details, patterned or plain. It is best to wear them in a casual manner: With women’s shorts and Capris or with light summer dresses.

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