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Boys’ fashion is cheeky, colourful and absolutely stylish

Boys love fashion too, especially when it’s cool and super comfortable. Our current < a href="https://www.tom-tailor.eu/kids/boys-2-to-16-years" title="Boys' Fashion (2 To 16 Years)">boys’ clothing offers vibrant colours, cheeky designs and trendy fits. Jeans, tops, jumpers, jackets and shirts are available in the TOM TAILOR shop. Add the finishing touches to an outfit with accessories like socks, belts, scarves and hats. You’ll even find sporty shoes in trendy and cool options here. The best thing about online shopping: no fuss in the changing rooms, your son can try the clothing on at home in peace and decide what he likes. In fact, sporty boys’ clothing is always on trend. Large college prints, bicycle motifs, skater pictures and badges adorn current jumpers and tops. Your son will always be dressed smartly in a checked shirt without losing his sporty flair. Hooded shirts and sweatshirt jackets look really cool and are trendy all year round. Denim jackets and bomber jackets are ideal for between-the-seasons, whilst quilted jackets and coats will see your little one warmly through the winter. For boys’ clothing, the weather and occasion are deciding factors alongside style and personal taste. And comfort, of course...

Comfort comes in first place: materials and their properties

Are your boys real adventurers? Then make sure that clothing is finished in robust and durable fabrics. Cotton is always a sure fire, because it has the following properties: it is very comfortable and can be washed at high temperatures in a washing machine – perfect if the kids come home from the playground covered in stains. A percentage of stretch makes the clothes especially snug and flexible, meaning they are with you for every movement. Knitwear is cosy and mostly warm but is a little more delicate. That doesn’t mean it won’t survive the school day, though. Faux leather shoes are robust, durable and very easy to care for. For impatient kids, we recommend shoes with Velcro or zip fasteners.

Style tips for free-time, school and birthdays

For particularly active children, we recommend tracksuit bottoms and Bermuda shorts on warmer days. Tops with raglan sleeves looks sporty and offer lots of freedom of movement. Create a successful casual outfit for free-time and school with jeans, a colourfully printed sweatshirt and flat trainers. Quilted jackets with a hood are incredibly fashionable during bad weather. Bomber jackets are currently very trendy. Shirts can also be part of an everyday look, as a rugged alternative with large checks or even with an integrated hood – genuinely stylish! Pair with a cap and flat trainers and your son will be the coolest at school or Kindergarten. Shirts are very elegant for special occasions the next family party or even enrolling at school, for example. Paired with dark pants, a black belt and plain coloured blazer, your little one will look incredibly fashionable and smart. A polo shirt or plain coloured, simple T-shirt is a great alternative to a shirt.

Boys’ clothing is versatile and takes its lead from adult trends

So, you see, our selection of boys’ clothing is vast. Set aside a little time with your boy and browse through the entire assortment. What’s currently trendy in the adult world of fashion is normally reflected by styles for little ones – adorned with sweet details and bright colours, of course. There’s something for every occasion and unique style in our shop. Always consider your son's comfort, the look and his personal taste. You’re bound to have fun with clothes thanks to the high-quality TOM TAILOR fabrics.

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