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Boys’ shoes for the entire year

When you want to carry new boys’ shoes, you can easily do it from the comfort of your own home in our online shop. This protects your nerves and avoids a lot of stress. Because when you are trying on shoes with small kids in a shop, things can get quite turbulent. The kids just want to run around and play rather than patiently sitting down and trying on more and more pairs of shoes. If your kids are already teenagers, then as you’ll know, they can be very particular about how shoes look. In this case, the online shop offers are a practical choice with its wide selection of models. Whether it is boots, new sports shoes, airy sandals or comfy slippers – it is of utmost importance for smaller and bigger boys that the shoes fit perfectly. Feet grow quickly and are not fully developed until kids reach the age of sixteen. The measuring process is particularly difficult with small boys, because unlike teenagers, they are still not really able to reliably judge whether the shoe is too tight. So how do you determine the ideal shoe size for kids?

Kids’ shoes need to fit properly

The feet of small children grow 1.5 mm per month! And the feet of large children still grow 1 mm per month. That is a lot, because 6 mm is a whole shoe size up. This means that the foot of a small child goes up two sizes within eight months. That is why you must add a minimum of 12 mm to the actual length of the foot when buying shoes, so that the boys’ shoes do not constrict the feet during periods of growth. If the kids’ shoes are too small, this can impair the development of their feet. However, if a pair of sneakers, slipper or sandals is too big, then this can also be hazardous to health, as they do not provide traction and can lead to incorrect movement patterns. To ensure that kids’ feet develop properly, it is useful for kids to have at least two different pairs of shoes that should be worn on an alternating basis. Whether it’s sneakers, sports shoes or slippers: An elasticated sole ensures that boys can roll their feet through when they step.

Here’s how to work out the right size when buying new sneakers

There are a few tricks to make sure that you buy your beautiful new sneakers in the right size. For example: Have your boy stand on a piece of paper and trace the contours of his feet. Then measure the length of these contours in centimetres, from the longest toe to the heel. It is often the case that the left and right foot are not exactly the same. Use the measurement of the longest foot! Now you must perform a small calculation: Add 1.2 cm to the measured value and multiply the sum of this by 1.5. This will give you the correct shoe size. Tip: It is best to take the measurement in the afternoon, as even kids’ feet can swell up a little bit over the course of the day.Example: You measure 15.4 cm + 1.2 cm = 16.6 cm16.6 x 1.5 = 24.9 = shoe size 25 is correct.

Finding the right size using a template or insole

You can also make a paper template out of the traced contours (plus 1.2 cm) and place this in the new sneakers. When the template does not have any play and does not curl, this means that the new sports shoes fit. Another good method: Many shoes have removable insoles. When you take these out and place your boy’s foot on them, you get a good view of how much space there is on the side and at the front. The previously used thumb test which involves pushing on the front of the shoe to see how much air there is between the foot and the shoe is an unreliable method, as kids often sub-consciously pull in their toes while this is happening. You can return all shoes purchased from the TOM TAILOR online shop within 14 days of receipt free of charge by specifying the reason for return. This gives you enough time to try out the boys’ shoes.

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