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Great jackets for boys and teenagers

From the cosy winter jacket to the lightweight quilted jacket for between seasons, from raincoats to summery bomber jackets – boys’ jackets are popular the whole year round. Jackets for kids and teenagers aged between one and a half and seventeen years old (sizes 92 to 176) must meet high requirements: The ideal boys’ jacket should be super comfy and offer excellent freedom of movement. The jacket must also be very robust, because smaller and bigger boys are not squeamish and are incredibly active. A jacket should provide protection against cold weather, wind, snow and rain. And last but not least: It goes without saying that jackets must fully satisfy the fashion demands of small boys and picky teenagers, otherwise they have no chance. In other words: they must be totally cool!

Lightweight summer jackets for kids

When the temperatures rise, a jacket is only really needed when it rains, when it is very windy and when it starts to cool down in the evening. Lightweight bomber jackets are perfect for these scenarios. This type of boys’ jacket has a hip-length design and features knit borders on the neckline, hem and sleeve cuffs, which are often in contrasting colours. This type of casual jacket is usually made of slightly shiny material and features eye-catching lettering and logo patches. The protect against the wind and keep kids warm on their way to nursery or school. They have such a casual fit that they do not restrict kids at all while they are playing. Both smaller and bigger boys love these jackets!

Spring & autumn: softshell quilted jacket for boys

Between seasons, the weather can be very unpredictable. Sometimes it is warm and then a powerful rainstorm hits and all of a sudden it gets very cold. When the weather is like this, kids need warm jackets that are also water-resistant to keep them comfortable throughout the day. A quilted jacket or softshell jacket is up to this task. Or even better, a combination of the two: These models feature wonderfully warm and quilted upper body and the sleeves are made of durable, stretchy softshell material. This is why they offer boys great freedom of movement along with a high level of protection. A lined hood and knit borders on the sleeves provide additional protection for kids against wind and bad weather.

Winter jacket for kids

In winter, kids need jackets, parkas or coats that are lined and very warm, preferably with a hood. Down or synthetic fibres make a great lining. Winter jackets should always be long enough to provide protection for kids’ sensitive kidney areas and big enough so that a thick jumper can be worn underneath them. But the winter jacket must not be too big: The closer the jacket is to the body, the more efficiently the insulating layer of heat can be formed. Also ensure that the jacket has sleeve cuffs. This blocks the cold wind from blowing into the sleeves.

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