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Accessories for boys: Well kitted out from head to toe

Even boys need accessories, and especially when it gets colder outside, accessories like woolly hats, gloves and a scarf made from warm knit fabric are just what is needed to help kids and teenagers make it through winter and autumn without getting a cold. But accessories can do much more than just keep you warm.

Boys’ hats: Cool sources of warmth made from knit fabric

All simple winter jackets can be pepped up and enhanced with a cheerful, vibrant knit hat along with an equally striking scarf and gloves. These boys’ accessories protect against wind and bad weather and also add a fashionable and stylish touch to any outfit. Whether it’s a lightweight cotton hat or a warm knit hat, it always looks great when the accessories are colour-coordinated and the scarf matches the hat. However, this is not obligatory. You can kit out your son in accessories that are all different colours for a cheery look.

Kids’ hats must fit perfectly!

When buying a hat, make sure that you have the right size and that it fits perfectly. Because, as you know, boys aged between one and a half and seventeen years old are a wild bunch. Their everyday life consists of pure action: The little ones climb, run and jostle, while the bigger boys play football, skate, and most of all, want to look incredibly cool. That’s why the hats have to fit properly, as otherwise they can fly off or slip down over children's eyes. In summer, the clever guys wear boys’ caps, which provide an extra casual look and protect against the blazing sunshine. You can adjust the size of most of our caps, which means that they grow along with you for a long time. The beanie is another stylish option for smaller and bigger boys. The casual beanie fits tightly around the head and falls loosely towards the back This style also offers lightweight summer models and warming knit hats for the winter in a wide range of colours and patterns.

The perfect way to keep kids’ hands nice and warm

Kids’ gloves protect their hands against the icy cold weather. Here, you have the choice between mittens and gloves. The typical choice for small kids is mittens, while gloves are the more practical choice for when kids get bigger, as they allow them to grip things more easily. If the gloves are water-resistant then they are even better for making snowballs. And of course teenagers want warm hands, too, but for them there are different styles – from simple and classic models to vibrant, patterned ones. Since boys are always on the move, they need a belt to stop their trousers slipping down. These are also available in a wide range of styles, from bold and bright to simple and elegant in brown, dark brown and black. You can be sure that our high-quality socks – available as trainers socks or in a classic design – will not slip down. The blended cotton containing elastane ensures the perfect fit. You can choose between patterned socks, socks with funny motifs, simple and plain socks, socks with a subtle design or vibrant and striking socks. You can buy them in a double pack or a three pack to ensure that your kids have fresh socks every day.