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Jeans for Boys

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Jeans for boys in many different fits

Jeans for boys and teenagers need to be incredibly robust. Whether the jeans are worn when climbing on the playground, running around in the mud, playing football in the school yard or skating during free time – a robust material that looks great and is also incredibly comfortable is what is needed. Our denim easily meets these requirements. That’s why our jeans have what it takes to become your kid's favourite pants. Both smaller and bigger boys aged between one and a half and seventeen years old are sure to feel simply great in our jeans. Fashion for kids has to be fun and must be simple, durable and easy-care in all its forms. Boys have to want to put the jeans on, and that’s why high level of comfort and freedom of movement are vitally important for this age range. Because even very small boys know what they think is cool and what they don’t. Kids develop their own taste in fashion at a very early age, and by the time they start puberty, at the latest, parents no longer have any say when it comes to what outfits they should wear. That’s why our jeans impress with their look, comfort and fabric.

Slim fit for kids

An elasticated waistband is of course a practical choice for small kids that are growing rapidly. This ensures that the width of the waist can be adjusted individually, ensuring a good fit. Later on in life, the zip fly and button combo is the more popular choice. We have jeans for kids in sizes 92-176. Slim fit styles are on trend for boys – but these slim fit jeans are not restrictive, as the denim also contains elastane. The percentage of stretch in the slim fit jeans ensures an ideal fit and makes them wonderfully comfortable. Features such as crinkles, distressed effects, whiskering, cool garment-washed effects and beautiful colours give denim a vintage look. Sometimes the vintage look is not what you want for more formal occasions. In such cases, the denim should be presented in a more serious style. That’s why we also have regular fit jeans in classic dark blue.

How to ensure the jeans retain their shape

Whether slim fit or regular fit, in dark blue or in a vintage look – kids’ jeans are usually subjected to heavy wear and often end up in the wash at the end of the day. For this reason, the denim needs to be of a very high quality in order to hold up against constant washes and maintain its pristine condition. You can use the following tips to make sure the jeans retain their shape: • Before washing, turn your jeans inside out and fasten all buttons and zips, if applicable. • For best results, use a detergent for colours or delicates in order to protect the colour. • If the jeans have a “normal” level of soiling, washing at a temperature of 30 C is sufficient. You can treat stubborn stains with a special stain remover before washing. • Warning for jeans containing elastane: Do not use fabric softener, as this will attack the elastic fibres in the jeans.