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Long sleeve shirts for boys: A versatile classic

Just like the T-shirt, the long sleeve shirt is a fundamental part of the wardrobe for boys and teenagers. While the short-sleeved version is in use throughout the summer, during the winter, the long sleeve shirt is all the rage amongst kids. On hotter days it can be worn on its own, and when it gets colder, a long sleeve shirt provides additional heat when worn underneath shirts, a jumper or sweatshirts. This creates a fashionable layered look. To ensure that things never get boring, we have a wide selection of boys’ long sleeve tops so that kids can always be well dressed for nursery, school, sport and free time.

Large selection of boys’ shirts in sizes 92 to 176

They are available in plain, patterned and brightly coloured, printed designs: Our boys’ shirts feature cool photo prints, logos and slogans and have comic motifs, cheeky quote artworks, melange finishes and other interesting accessories. It is almost a shame for the long sleeve top to be hidden beneath a jumper. A trend for kids is to wear the long sleeve shirt under an open sweatshirt jacket. It is not just the colours and motifs that offer a wide range of variety, there are also lots of different neckline designs. The long sleeve top is available with a round neckline, V-neckline, with a button placket or with a stand-up collar. The long sleeve shirt with a button placket, also know as a Henley top, is the original type: Henley tops were worn by men as an undershirt until the 19th century. Now they are worn by boys as a rugged top. The French classic known as the Breton top in a blue and white striped design is an all-time classic for adults and kids alike.

Fashion for kids: Comfort is the priority!

But for small boys and challenging teenagers, there is one golden rule: Jumpers, long sleeve shirts and trousers can be as cool as you lie, but if they aren’t also incredibly comfy then they will quickly be taken out of circulation, and no suggestions from mum are going to stop this. This long sleeve top from TOM TAILOR meets all requirements regarding comfort: It is lightweight and loose and the cut is figure-skimming yet never restrictive. This top is usually made of skin-friendly cotton, often in the form of jersey fabric, as this material is wonderfully soft and cosy. Cotton is very breathable and prevents kids from getting very sweaty while playing sport and freezing during periods of inactivity. In this way, our long sleeve shirts do not just meet the high standards of kids aged between one and a half and seventeen years old in terms of their appearance, but also in terms of quality. To ensure that the kids can continue to wear their long sleeve shirts for a long time, the tops featuring prints, artworks or other accessories should be turned inside out before washing. This protects the motifs and the colours. A washing temperature of 30 °C is always a good choice. If the kids’ tops have stubborn stains, then you can treat them with a special stain remover before washing them. For best results, hang the long sleeve top out to dry on a clothes horse, and make sure to iron the shirts inside out to avoid damaging the prints. This will ensure that long sleeve tops look good as new for a long time!