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Incredibly smart: Shirt for boys

Boys’ shirts are masters of transformation: A pristine white shirt transforms the wildest ruffian into mum’s favourite, a shirt with bright checks turns juniors into smart nature lovers and shirts make adolescent 14-year-old boys look both well-behaved and friendly. Whether you are shopping for a small child or a teenager – with our boys’ shirts, you can choose between formal classics and extremely casual styles. In sizes 92 to 176, for boys aged from one and a half to seventeen years old.

Checks for kids

Checks are leading the way! Check shirts are loved by smaller and bigger boys. The lumberjack style always creates a rugged look. Check shirts go brilliantly with T-shirts and jeans. Corduroy pants also look great with a shirt with bright checks. Another boyish classic for kids is the denim shirt. It is a popular choice amongst kids and looks great with chinos or their favourite pants. Relaxed fits allow for greater freedom of movement, which ensures that smaller boys can play around and the bigger boys can stay nice and cool. Short-sleeved shirts are perfect for kids in summer. They are airy like Tops, but look slightly more elegant. Many of the long-sleeved shirts from TOM TAILOR have turn-ups: When the sleeves are turned up, they are fixed in place using a tab and a button, which ensures that they don’t roll back down again. The hem is often rounded because it looks good when kids wear the shirt over the waistband on their pants.

Shirts instead of T-shirts: Formal attire for boys

For occasions that are slightly more formal, T-shirts, sweatshirts and the like have to give way to a beautiful shirt. Classic pieces for big events are pale blue and white shirts for kids. They look incredibly smart in a slim fit design. This type of shirt makes the perfect outfit for junior fashionistas when paired with beige chinos and polished leather shoes. Those who prefer a casual look should opt for regular fit instead of slim fit. This fit is still elegant but allows for greater freedom of movement. When choosing a shirt, there are also different types of collars to choose from. The button-down shirt is a casual piece, while a shirt with a Kent collar is classic and elegant.

It’ll come off in the wash!

Shirts for kids should be breathable, skin-friendly and easy-care. That’s why our shirts are made from cotton. The material meets the highest requirements, is very comfortable and also incredibly robust. There are a few tricks that you can use to ensure that they look like new even after countless washes. First of all, sort them by colour: Only wash whites with whites. This makes sure that you don’t get any ugly grey shades. Bright colours should be grouped together and so should dark colours. Don’t fill the drum of the washing machine too much. This ensures that there are less creases later on. Wash shirts at 30° to 40° C – and always follow the care label on the inside. If they are very dirty, you can also treat the stains with a stain remover before washing them. After washing, take the shirts out of the washing machine promptly and hang them on coat hangers and let them air dry. This helps to quickly remove creases. They are easiest to iron when they are still slightly damp.