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Boys’ sweatshirts: For school, sport and free time!

Boys and their sweatshirts are inseparable. The love begins at a young age and continues for a long time: Even teenagers rarely leave the house without a sweatshirt. This is primarily due to the wonderfully soft cotton, which is so comfortable to wear. It is also due to the cool look of boys’ sweatshirts. The hooded sweatshirt is of course on top of the list when it comes to these special tops, because when it gets windy outside or starts to drizzle, boys can simply pull the hood over their head and they are good to go. The sweatshirt is actually an invention from the sporting world: In fact, up until 1960 it was used exclusive for activities that make you sweat. It was also when US universities began to print their logos onto it that the sweatshirt became a fashion piece that everybody wanted. Now with the athleisure trend taking off at full speed, sweatshirts are more popular amongst kids and adolescents than ever before. Whether you are looking for a sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt or a hoodie: Discover our extremely fashionable collection for boys in sizes 92 to 176 for ages between one and a half and seventeen years old.

Just for fun: Kids love sweatshirts

From a simple sports top to a trend-setting piece, boys’ sweatshirts have been smartened up significantly: They feature cool lettering, photo prints and logo patches, and some of the kids’ sweatshirts impress with a hood, stand-up collar, an underlayer or a reversible design, which makes them twice as practical. The sweatshirt is perfect for nursery and later on in life for school, sport and free time. Cosy sweatshirts are also ideal for spending hours chilling on the sofa at home. These sweatshirt can easily be combined with a wide range of items, whether they have a hood or not: They go wonderfully with jeans, chinos and sports trousers!

Wonderful fabric

Strictly speaking, sweatshirts are sweaters or hooded sweaters made of cotton that are processed using a special technique. For the classic sweatshirt fabric made of cotton, a fleece thread is used during the manufacturing process to give the material additional volume. The thread loops are then cut and brushed. The result can be seen and felt, as the fabric is wonderfully soft and textured. The breathable cotton is also incredibly skin friendly and moisture regulating when playing sport or just messing around. Boys’ sweatshirts made of 100% cotton can be washed at 30 °C. For best results, turn the sweatshirt inside out before washing. If you choose a gentle spin cycle of up to 1000 revolutions, you can be sure that the kids’ sweatshirts will not wear out.

When you are looking for a formal look: Jumpers for boys

Because sweatshirts have a very sporty design, they can sometimes look too casual for more formal occasions. That’s why at TOM TAILOR we also have a wide range of kids’ jumpers and hooded jumpers, which have a less sporty appearance thanks to their material, making them more suitable for more formal occasions. Jumpers or knitted jackets made of wool or blended wool are the number one choice in winter, as they are incredibly warm.