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Boys’ T-shirts: A super all-rounder!

Boys’ T-shirts are an absolutely essential item. There is rarely an occasion where T-shirts don’t make an appearance. T-shirts are true all-rounders and are either worn underneath shirts and jumpers or as a solo piece in summer of when playing sport. At TOM TAILOR, we have an extensive collection of T-shirts for smaller and bigger boys aged between one and a half and seventeen years old in sizes 92 to 176. Because we know that cool T-shirts are an absolute must-have!

A vibrant selection of great boys’ T-shirts

Countless colours and even more designs, a T-shirt is a form of expression for laid-back kids: Logos, photo prints, a wide range of slogans and comic and sporty motifs add a touch of variety to any look. For those who like a more relaxed design, we also have beautiful T-shirts in a plain design and those with a melange finish. Of course, the classic white T-shirt is also a must-have piece for boys. But generally, boys and teenagers love a T-shirt with something on the front. Our brand models are simply too cool to hide under shirts or jumpers. Kids can wear their shirt open or wear a cardigan or sweatshirt jacket over their T-shirt instead of a jumper, so that they can still show off the great motifs and artworks during winter. A slightly more elegant alternative to the T-shirt is the polo shirt. Polo shirts in a patterned or plain-coloured design look exceptionally smart. Characteristic features include the collar and the material: cotton piqué. A boys’ polo shirt is a wonderfully stylish piece for both little rascals and growing teenagers. A kids’ top with a touch of class. Polo shirts also feature many exciting details such as embroidered logos, patterns and appliqués.

Kids’ T-shirts must be soft and skin-friendly

Whether it’s a polo shirt or a T-shirt: A kids’ T-shirt has to be exceptionally comfortable for kids to like it. Otherwise it will quickly be swapped out for something more comfy. Our cotton feels great against the skin, is breathable and has temperature-regulating properties, which really pays off when playing sport or messing around. Jersey is also made of cotton, but is processed in a different way. That’s why a T-shirt made of cotton jersey is wonderfully soft and pleasant against the skin.

Here’s how to keep kids’ T-shirts looking good as new

A kids’ T-shirt is subjected to a lot throughout the day, and is usually dirty by the evening. There are a few care tips to follow to ensure that your kid’s favourite T-shirt continues to look good as new for a long time. For best results, always follow the care label. • Turn printed T-shirts inside out before washing. • Wash at 30 °C. You can treat stubborn stains with a special stain remover before washing. • Do not use fabric softener with any stretch fabrics (elastane). • For best results, air-dry after washing. • Only iron printed tops inside out and on a low setting to avoid damaging the motifs.