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Fashionable boys’ pants in a wide range of different styles

Jeans are still one of the favourite types of pants for small boys and bigger teenagers. These pants are durable, look really cool and are incredibly versatile. They are also very versatile. Different garment-washed finishes on the denim, a wide range of fits from slim to regular and many other beautiful details make jeans a versatile superstar for boys.

Smart slim fit chinos for smaller and bigger boys

When your son wants to put on something a bit smarter for a change, they can try out some cloth pants made of lightweight cotton. Chinos are always the first choice in this case. They come in a wide range of colours and their slim fit does not restrict movement at all, while the lightweight cotton twill features added stretchy elastane, which ensures that these pants fit wonderfully. They look truly elegant with a jumper, shirt or polo shirt – transforming little cheeky monkeys and rebellious teenagers into true gentlemen. That’s why, just like jeans, they have been a classic piece for boys for many years.

Lots of action in stylish tracksuit bottoms

Boys aged between one and a half and seventeen years old are a wild bunch. After the first attempts to walk it’s all systems go: They want to play, climb and play football. And even when they become teenagers, they are still constantly on the go. That’s why boys’ pants need to be able to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. They must not restrict movement and must be very robust and comfortable. The trend of sports fashion being integrated more and more into everyday wear isn’t stopping with the kids. Tracksuit bottoms are now worn by kids like normal casual trousers. Whether they are playing football, skating, playing or chilling, tracksuit bottoms are incredibly comfortable and the extra-soft material feels very nice against the skin. Our tracksuit bottoms also feature great designs, with patches or prints in plain or patterned designs. This makes them look incredibly stylish and the elasticated waistband and integrated drawstring ensures that they are very comfortable. When it gets warmer outside we also have tracksuit bottoms in a Bermuda length, which are a fashionable piece for your kids throughout the summer and are perfect for sport at school and in their free time. Whether long or short, our tracksuit bottoms can easily be combined with a wide range of items. They always look great with a T-shirt, sweatshirt, shirt or polo shirt. But you do need to pair them with a certain kind of shoe. Such sporty tracksuit bottoms need to be paired with sporty trainers.

How to wash them right

You already know, after a long day in nursery or on the sports field, it is very rare for kids’ pants to still be nice and clean. Usually, you can see evidence of your kid’s action-packed day in the form of cocoa stains, traces of felt, mud and dust. Now it’s time to through them in the washing machine! Whether they are jeans or tracksuit bottoms: Always follow the care label inside. You can play it safe by washing at 30 C. If the stains are particularly stubborn, you can treat them with stain remover before washing. In order to preserve prints and colours, turn the trousers inside out before washing them. Do not use fabric softener, as this destroys the elastic fibres if the material contains elastane. For best results, air-dry them. They are easiest to iron when they are still slightly damp. Then they are quickly ready for another day full of action.