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Baby Boys' Clothes by TOM TAILOR

Babies need a lot of love – and the right clothes to keep them warm and comfortable. Not only little princesses look gorgeous in clothes for babies – we offer a wide range of clothes for baby boys. A huge assortment featuring t-shirts and bodysuits is waiting to meet the little one’s highest demands. Rompers, baby-shirts, trousers, sweatshirts, pullovers and jackets will keep baby warm and cosy. Finest fabrics like linen, jersey or pure cotton are perfect for clothes for babies – they are soft and supple and offer a perfect temperature regulation.

Baby Boys' Clothes Are Subject to Many Demands

Baby’s skin is fragile and delicate and requires special protection. Therefore, it is important to make sure the clothes don’t contain any harmful substances and feature high-quality processing. In order to remove any possible residues, clothes for babies have to be washed thoroughly before wearing. The softer the clothes feel on baby’s skin, the better the little one feels. At the same time air exchange is very important: Breathable fabrics offer perfect moisture regulation. Baby boys' clothes need the perfect fit, offering high freedom of movement at the same time. The size of baby’s clothes is always based on their height in cm. Newborn babies, for example, with a height of 54 cm, will wear size 56. With a height of 76 cm baby will fit into size 80.

Comfortable Cuts and Sweet Looks

Baby boys' clothes are supposed to look gorgeous and natural at the same time. Cosy sweaters and comfortable pants are just perfect for baby boys. T-Shirts and bodysuits for boys are also absolute necessities for baby’s wardrobe. In the daytime, they can be paired with baby boys’ jackets, offering plenty of freedom of movement for the little explorers. For winter, it is reasonable to choose a warmer and thicker jacket. Made from subtle and soft fabric it offers warmth and comfort on frosty days. Thick winter bodysuits are ideal companions to wear underneath a pullover – long-sleeved pieces are perfect during winter.

Babies Need a Lot of Sleep – And Appropriate Clothing

A light bodysuit can be an ideal pyjama on hot summer nights, providing pleasant freshness throughout the night. A pyjama with footies is a good choice and will keep your little one warm on the coldest nights - and looks really cute at the same time. A long-sleeved bodysuit is ideal for underneath. On very cold nights it is a good idea to use a sleep sack to keep baby warm and comfy. Babies regulate their temperature by releasing heat from their heads and faces. Your baby can quickly freeze. That is why it is so important to keep your baby’s head covered: A little cotton hat is an ideal choice for inside. Outside they are necessary, too. Especially for winter. Make sure the ears are well covered and the hat isn’t too tight. That will keep your baby well protected and comfortable at all times.