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Baby Girls' Clothes by TOM TAILOR

When you think of baby girls' clothes you automatically think pink- THE colour for little girls. That wasn’t always the case. In 1918 the “Ladies’ Home Journal” dictated: the generally accepted rule is that boys wear pink and girls wear blue. This was advice that was very widely dispensed with and there were some reasons for this. Blue had long been associated as a feminine colour because of the supposed colour of the Virgin Mary’s outfit. Pink was seen as a kind of boyish version of the masculine colour red. So, it gradually started to change when workers started wearing blue overalls for work, men discovered the Blue Jeans, and striped sailor uniforms in blue and white became a huge trend. That is when blue turned to become a masculine colour and pink became the girls’ favourite hue. Whether you prefer pink or blue: Here you will find clothes for baby girls in all kinds of shades. From new-born to 17 months, in sizes from 50/56 up to 92.

Baby Girls' Clothes: It’s All About the Size!

Many parents tend to buy clothes for babies too big, so the little ones can wear the beautiful pieces for a longer time. Experts distinctly recommend not to. Why? If for example a bodysuit is too loose baby will probably freeze. Too long sleeves can also be very irritating for the little ones as they can’t push them up by themselves. Also, too small t-shirts and bodysuits for baby girls are not recommended: They restrict freedom of movement and can cause serious skin irritations and rashes. It is best to select the right size carefully when purchasing.

T-Shirts and Bodysuits for Girls

Usually babies don’t like it when clothes are pulled over their heads. That is why most of the tight-fitted garments like bodysuits, long-sleeved shirts, t-shirts and bodysuits for girls have buttons at their shoulders. That makes dressing and undressing really easy. That’s why girl’s jackets, like for example our cute cardigans, feature continuous button borders, what makes them easy to take on and off. Most of all it is important that clothes for babies are comfortable and functional. Because the very little ones lie on their backs a lot, babies’ blouses and baby leggings aren’t supposed to rub or pinch. As soon as they start exploring their environment by themselves their clothing has to offer plenty of freedom of movement. The clothes need to be breathable and have to allow optimal temperature regulation. As a natural fabric, cotton is highly recommended. Thanks to skin-friendly characteristics it caresses the skin and is highly durable at the same time. Cotton can be washed at high temperatures without losing its shape. When talking about washing: To make sure baby’s clothes are clean properly it is best to wash them at 60 degrees before wearing the first time. Tipp: In case baby reacts particularly sensitively to the washing powder it might be a good idea to try unscented special detergent. In order to prevent allergies please don’t use a fabric softener for baby girls' clothes. If you want the clothes to be soft and subtle, simply add a little bit of lemon- or apple vinegar to the wash.