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Girls’ Clothes by TOM TAILOR

Babies are still undemanding in respect to girls’ fashion, but this changes dramatically as they grow older. To girls the following rule applies: The older they get, the more defined is their claim for trendy clothing. In the morning, a three-year-old kid’s style awareness has turned many mothers to the point of despair: Especially when you are in a hurry because kindergarten is waiting, the little one refuses to put on the selected clothes and decides to never want to wear them again. We are happy to help avoiding such major discussions because we have the most beautiful clothes for little princesses up to demanding teenager outfits. Our collection includes clothes for little girls aged 1 ½ to 7 (size 92/98 to 134) to girls aged 8 to 16 (size 134 to 176).

Girls’ Clothes For Girls 1 ½ To 7 Years Of Age

Girls should feel comfortable in the clothes they are wearing. This applies to the very little ones as well as to older girls. Clothes for girls have to be made of top quality, breathable materials. At the same time the clothes must be robust: Visiting the pony farm or the ice cream parlour includes a high risk of staining, therefore the material must look as good as new after washing. Every day at the kindergarten is a constant test for girls’ clothes: They climb, slide, dig, paint, do handiworks and eat – girls’ clothing permanently suffer stress. We are aware of this and our collection can handle it.

Great Materials, Beautiful Cuts And Plenty Of Colour: Girls’ Clothes Make You Happy!

Our girls’ t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts are very popular with the little ones and the older girls because we offer more than just a basic collection. We have girls’ t-shirts featuring glitter, cheerful patches, artful sequins, signatures and photo prints. Our collections shine and sparkle and appear either in bright pastel hues or in bright colours, striped, plain or with floral patterns. With a rounded or a straight seam – the girls’ t-shirt is an it-piece. During the colder season our sweatshirts, sweat jackets and hoodies delight little girls’ hearts since they boast patches, decorative seams and glittering details.

Girls’ Jeans: A Most Demanding Topic!

A first-year girl pupil knows it, the same as a 12-year-old girl pupil. Girls very quickly get a definite idea what their favourite pair of jeans must look like. We worked hard to make the dreams and the high demands of girls’ jeans come true. Preferred styles for very little and older girls: The skinny jeans, ideal in combination with a casual t-shirt. Our trekkings are real must-haves with many different washings to choose from: For example, from light blue to dark blue.

The Actual Performance: Dresses For Girls Of All Ages

Eventually a children’s birthday or the best friend’s party are coming up: Girls’ dresses and skirts are important for a glamorous appearance. The little ones favour princess style and love tulle, frills, and lace, while teenagers tend to prefer more grown up styles like, for example, shirtdresses or denim jeans. During the summer our girls’ dresses can be seen every day. In autumn and winter they can also be worn, simply add thick tights and casual boots. This is when our jackets keep the girls warm – from blousons to bomber jackets, from quilted jackets to parkas.