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Accessories for girls: small pieces, big effect

Outfits are only complete with accessories, this is true for young and old. Girls’ accessories can also be very practical and look very stylish. They create great accents and add an individual touch to a look that will meet your daughter’s taste head on. These pieces are the cherry on top for little trend setters, it doesn’t matter if its plain coloured tights, socks with colourful motifs, a belt or a cap. A belt adds the finishing touch to any outfit. And it also stops trousers from slipping. It’s up to your daughter’s taste and the respective occasion if it’s plain coloured, braided or has a metallic look. With punchy patterns or jolly motif embossing, a girls’ accessory can quickly become the outfit’s head-turner. The different belt buckles also wow children. They are mostly finished in shiny metal and are made of bows, heart and star shapes or a classic pin buckle. The materials vary too: genuine leather and faux leather have very robust properties, a comfortable texture and elegant look. A fabric belt can be wonderfully integrated into any free-time outfit and is there for every movement. Socks and tights can also be mounted in an extremely trendy way. Trainer socks, socks and sports socks are often available as a practical multipack. Sweet stripes, stars and hearts are also very trendy here. Socks in bright colours and ankle-length trousers give every style a cheeky something – also seen in the adult world of fashion. A vibrant rucksack and bomber jacket perfect this must-have look. Therefore, it’s the small accessories that are the right basis for a girls’ outfit.

The classics: hats, gloves and scarves

These girls’ accessories remind us of the colder seasons first. There are scarves, hats and caps in versatile options – some cosier, some with a lightweight finish for any weather. It goes without saying, thick knitted hats and large scarves are fashionable during winter and autumn months. Matching gloves give the outfit a fashionable frame. You daughter doesn’t have to go without sweet details, like colourful appliqués, funny motifs or glittering pendants. Skater caps, lightweight beanies and airy scarves are made for between-the-seasons. They aren’t as warm as winter accessories and create cool, spring looks with their cheerful patterns. A cap is offers effective protection from the sun and is healthier than sunglasses, all whilst looking incredibly cool. In rosé, red or pink, this visor cap puts girly charm centre stage. Conclusion: The world of girls’ accessories is bright, versatile and unique. Accessories give every style a fashionable flair and bring your daughter’s unique character to the fore. And the best bit is that an accessory looks different with every look. This means there are endless styling possibilities. Have fun styling and trying out!

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