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Cool girls wear jeans

Jeans are an eternal flame in the world of fashion and belong in every wardrobe – adults and little ones alike. For girls, jeans are the basis for countless looks for free-time and school time. They’re incredibly versatile and a joy to pair with. But more importantly, these jeans for girls wow with their durability. The percentage of stretch and perfect fit are the reason these trousers are exceptionally comfortable. Whether it’s skinny jeans, stretch denim or printed trousers, our pieces are varied and are just right for a girl’s unique tastes. Decorative stitching, floral patterns or studs add great highlights to an everyday denim outfit. Small glittery details underline the girly charm of these jeans, which your daughter can also wear at formal occasions. The fit of the trousers is the deciding factor, of course: the weather and the girl’s mood decide whether to go for ankle-length jeans, capri trousers or short shorts.

Percentage of stretch and an elasticated waistband offer more comfort

Especially for slim-fitting trousers like skinny jeans, a percentage of elastane should be included so little ones can move around freely, without restriction when playing. Our jeans are finished in skin-friendly cotton and feel soft and comfortable on the skin thanks to the stretch. An elasticated waistband highly increases the feel-good factor because it doesn’t slip and goes along with every action.

Styling ideas for various occasions

The classic styling partners for jeans are hooded jumpers or loose tops. These combinations alone offer varied styles for every day. For girls, though, there’s still so much more to jeans. Here are a few directions to take the style: ● Everyday wear: Skinny jeans enhanced with garment-washed effects harmonise with sweet tops and striped tops. Add sporty shoes to complete the laid-back look. ● Summery: Together with tops and lightweight T-shirts, short denim shorts or capri jeans create feel-good looks on sunny days. Sandals and some nice accessories add the finishing touch to an outfit that will also shine on family holidays. ● Formal: Dark skinny jeans, that are given a little update with glittering details, create formal charm when paired with a printed blouse and ballerinas. Complete the look elegantly with a child’s blazer or a cardigan.

Conclusion: the charming jeans for girls are an absolute favourite for every day

No garment is as versatile and fashionable throughout the year as jeans are. They’re great for casual, charming and elegant styles and are also super comfortable to boot. This is down to the comfortable cotton fabric. These stretchy treggings also wow with their robust yet snug properties. We’re convinced – jeans for girls are must-haves, not just this season.