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Men’s Jeans by TOM TAILOR

The victory of men’s jeans started in the 1870s in the USA. A German expatriate invented extremely robust working trousers for gold digger and Jacob Davis, the tailor, had the idea to reinforce the pockets with studs to make them even more stable. The two men formed a team and received a patent for the first pair of jeans. Eventually fashionable and practical details were added: Belt loops, back pockets, and later the zipper. The clientele grew – not only gold diggers bought jeans - cowboys, woodcutters, and railroad workers quickly realized the advantages of these practical men’s jeans. Also, there was a smooth transition from the trousers for workers to the leisure time trousers and finally to become a cult status symbol.

Men’s-Jeans: Which Fit Would You Like?

The first model had a very straight shape, men’s jeans were rather loose. Bootcuts came up for men’s jeans after World War II, the reason was to be able to pull the jeans over the boots. In the 1950s tight jeans became very popular. Washing the early jeans models they shrunk by about 10%. In order to make the jeans wrap tightly around the body contours, women and men sat fully dressed in the bath full of water, in order to perfect the shrinking effect. The modern men’s and women’s jeans do not shrink any more – as long as they are washed the right way: Most jeans can be washed up to 40° C but never use a dryer. It is best to turn them inside out and to close buttons and the zip. Like this they stay as good as new for a long time. Depending on the desired fit you can choose between many different washings. From the traditional dark blue to trendy models with bleaching and destroys.

Skinny Men’s Jeans: The Most Skinny Men’s Jeans

Skinny Jeans have a stretch component to make the denim fit tight and to make sure that the jeans are comfortable to wear. If you like the very skinny type, our Skinny Culver is the ideal model for you: Low waist, extremely slim shape, extremely narrow leg opening. Otherwise there is the Super Slim Piers: Low waist, slim cut, narrow leg.

Slim Jeans: Slim Style

This cut also provides an ideal fit and great comfort. If you prefer tight fitting men’s jeans, the Troy Slim will be the best choice for you: Slim legs, perfect combination of skinny and straight. On the other hand, Piers and Josh offer you more comfort.

Regular Men’s Jeans: The All-Rounder

The Regular Men’s Jeans is not extreme in any way. It does not offer an extremely slim cut, nor is it particularly wide. The perfect model for the job and for your leisure time. If you prefer this kind of an all-rounder, you might like the Straight Marvin: Normal waist, slim cut, straight leg. Or the Regular Slim Josh: Normal waist, normal cut, tight leg.

Relaxed Men’s Jeans: Beautifully Casual

This is the perfect easy going fit. For example, the Relaxed Jeans Trad: Regular waist, comfortable cut, straight leg. Our loose fit jeans have wide legs and low waist, which offer you a super easy feel.

TOM TAILOR Denim Male: Aiming for Men’s Jeans and Men’s Chinos

In our TOM TAILOR Denim Male range of products, you can find cool men’s shirts and men’s jumpers as well as a large choice of men’s chinos in many different colours in normal fits and skinny-styles. In our Jeans-Guide Denim Male you find an overview regarding the different cuts. On top of that you can see how the different models Piers, Aedan, Marvin and Troy look on a man’s body.

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