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Men’s jumpers from TOM TAILOR

Men’s jumpers are transformation artists. Depending on the piece, you can create looks that are sporty, as well as stylish, very classic or even downright casual. Men’s jumpers can be worn all year round: the lighter amongst them are ideal companions during the summer whilst thicker knitted wool jumpers will keep you snug and warm during the winter.

Incredibly casual: the hoodie

The hoodie has literally been around since the Middle Ages – monks used hoods to protect their shaven heads from the rain, wind and cold. But, monks’ cowls and today’s hoodies don’t have much in common other than the hood. The tops created by the US textile company Champion come a little closer: the company designed work clothes for the employees of cold-storage warehouses in New York – with a warming hood of course. The piece really first became popular though because of the film “Rocky”. Its fan club got bigger as Sylvester Stallone was training in a hoodie. The trend really got going when elite universities in America embroidered their logos on hooded jumpers. Whether its in the surfer scene or hip hop subculture – make sure you have a hood. Our TOM TAILOR pieces are unbelievably versatile: with options from sweatshirts, you’re sure to be on top with a sporty style. The pieces in fine knit are tailored and will give you a great figure during the summer as they are finished in lightweight cotton. Vibrantly coloured, striped, plain, in a melange finish or with lettering? Browse our offers and be inspired!

Men’s jumpers: these classics will always work!

Basic jumpers will never go out of fashion – that’s a promise we can keep. Round neckline and V-neckline jumpers are part of our basic jumpers that cry out for space in your wardrobe. Pure cotton in a fine knit finish ensures that these jumpers don’t overdo it and can comfortably find space underneath a jacket. The modern silhouette comes from the figure-hugging fit; ribbed trims at the sleeve cuffs and hem ensure a good fit. These men’s jumpers from TOM TAILOR are really flexible when it comes to colour. You’re sure to find your favourite – from grass green to navy blue. If the wind is whistling past your ears, then a polo neck jumper will definitely keep you warm. Different to a round or V-neckline jumper, it’s usually best worn during the colder seasons. By the way, whilst a V-neckline optically lengthens the upper body, neck and face and really adds emphasis to ties, pieces with a round neckline are best for skinny men with a slightly narrower face. Regardless of the neckline you pick: a T-shirt or even men’s shirt will have more than enough space under basic jumpers.

Sleeveless jumper: the mix sets the tone

The sleeveless jumper appears very elegant if worn under a men’s shirt or a jacket. With it, a little intuitive feeling is needed when considering colour: make sure that your shirt, sleeveless jumper and jacket are not tone-in-tone, but are instead in slightly different tones that still work with each other. Styling example: a white shirt, navy blue sleeveless jumper and black jacket combined makes a formidable trio. Add a pair of jeans with it pair of jeans and some neat brown shoes and your casual, elegant style is finished. If the shirt is patterned, then the rest of the outfit should hold back and keep it plain. This rule of thumb is the same when reversed: patterned sleeveless jumpers are better paired with plain coloured shirts and jackets.

Men’s jumpers: how best to look after them

Men’s jumpers in cotton or blended cotton are not at all difficult to look after: they can be washed in a washing machine at maximum 40° C without needing to worry. Then hang them up head-first – that’s the best way to dry them. Knitted jumpers made of wool are slightly trickier. They can be washed in the washing machine but only require a gentle wool cycle (do not wash in more than 30° C) and a special wool washing powder. Why? Wool washing powders have a neutral pH value and contain constituents that ensure the textile texture is maintained. Turn the jumper inside out and don’t overfill the washing machine’s drum, a half-load is enough because wool needs a lot of space. Do not use softener and choose a low-spin cycle (reduced revolutions) – this will help you avoid piling, the annoying lint on the outer surface. The best way to dry them is to lie them on a wet towel that has been folded out fully. It absorbs the moisture from the wool. The best way to store jumpers is to lay them loosely in a wardrobe. They can lose their shape very quickly on a coat hanger – and we really don’t want that

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