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Men’s Shorts By TOM TAILOR

Fashion history looks back on a wide range of various standalone pieces. For example, the classic little black dress or the base cap have become everlasting oldies. We would like to extend the list by an additional it-piece and add men’s shorts to the list. Preferred clothing during spring and summer, men’s shorts are favourite companions at barbeques and summer parties, they keep us cool while the wind blows, and our legs work on our tan.

Men’s Shorts – Before and Today

There were times in history when wearing shorts as an adult required style competence and a great amount of self-confidence. Short trousers were reserved to the younger generation who were looking forward to their first pair of long trousers. Once an adult, there was no looking back and the men’s world had to work hard to re-establish the revolution of wearing a simple pair of shorts. In the beginning, there were knee pants and knickerbockers, which eventually entered the wardrobes of their adult wearers. Looking back, this is hard to imagine today!

This Is How To Wear Men’s Shorts Today

In summer when high temperatures hit us, one realizes quickly that a traditional pair of jeans is no longer an option. Men’s shorts in all kinds of colours and styles are required now: luckily a large selection is offered! Men’s shorts are available in a variety of cuts – from slim Bermuda shorts to casual chino shorts – everything works! The hotter it gets outside, the lighter the material should be: Cotton and cotton blends are ideal and are easy-care. Although shorts are not so often worn in the office but rather during leisure time, you can create trendy looks by adding polo shirts and/or Henley-shirts. In chino shorts or slim Bermudas you will never get too hot and definitely come across excellently styled. During the transitional period wear a casual jacket with a stylish pair of shorts! Men’s shorts by TOM TAILOR, especially the classic denim shorts, are robust companions during your holidays, leisure time, and even in the office. The opportunity to wear a pair of men’s shorts is no longer limited to a holiday camp or a school uniform. Today men wear shorts whenever they feel like it: at stag parties, graduation ceremonies, while having a beer after work, or at lunchtime!

Combination Classics In Many Different Facets

Just because men’s shorts are offered in so many different facets, the right combination is required. There is the business type that looks great in a pair of chino shorts and a short sleeved shirt, the easy-going type wearing used jeans shorts and print shirts, and the casual type who appears in wide, baggy men’s shorts. From skinny & slim, straight to regular and relaxed, everything is available. With our clothes we express our lifestyle and our well-being, we set standards and define ourselves. Interesting clothing has a lot to do with what we feel is attractive and inspiring. Men’s shorts by TOM TAILOR are available in many different styles and are as versatile as you are yourself. With such a large selection of men’s shorts, you will surely find the right ones for yourself! Browse through the new collection and find your it-piece!

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