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Men’s jackets. Not just your first line of defence against the cold, but also the first thing anyone sees when you step out for the day. They’re a wardrobe essential that’s ready for anything, from the biting winds of winter to the warm rains of a summer thunderstorm. They can make or break a look, bring a little edgy style to even the most boring pair of jeans, and they can be layered with your favourite pieces to match your mood. In fact, a good jacket is your best friend in any season and for any occasion.

From the classic bomber jacket to the most cutting-edge hybrid designs, men’s jackets always push the envelope when it comes to style. Including soft quilted materials for extra warmth, wind and waterproof camouflage, faux fur lined hoods, cosy fleece sleeves, and US university inspired colour palettes, there’s something for everyone. Match up your denim jacket with a pair of regular fit jeans for a time-tested look that’s straight out of the American west. Alternatively, a slimline hybrid jacket works perfectly with a pair of skinny jeans for a more contemporary outfit. Whatever your style, a high-quality jacket is the cornerstone of your look.


As a lighter weight alternative to a big winter coat, men’s jackets offer a little more versatility and can easily be layered to keep you protected in any season. In summer and spring, a thinner rain jacket is perfect when the weather is changeable, and it can easily be thrown into your bag when the sun is shining. Layer it over your polo shirt or throw on a jumper during those cooler evenings.

In autumn and winter, a thicker woollen jacket with more insulation will help keep out the cold, while large hoods will keep your head dry. When the temperature drops even further, you can simply throw on a scarf and hat for a seasonal style that’s always on-trend. What’s more, sophisticated woollen jackets complement your office wear wardrobe perfectly, bringing a touch of sartorial elegance to your clothing collection.


The TOM TAILOR collection of jackets for men includes a broad range of colours, patterns and prints designed to bring a bit of variation to your wardrobe. The winter uniform is invariably black, blue, and grey, but there’s no reason you can’t shake up the status quo by rocking vibrant yellows, eye-catching oranges or the brightest of blues. Additionally, a selection of beautifully designed patterns and prints will also bring an extra dash of style to any men’s jacket. Of course, if you prefer to match your look to the browns and yellows of the falling leaves, the greys and blacks of the passing clouds, or the muted colours of the city, then there’s plenty of options from which to choose. Discover a huge range of practical, versatile, and fashionable jackets in the official online store and get ready for whatever the weather has in store.