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It’s a style icon. A calling card for cool. A true classic of the modern era. The leather jacket—a enduring piece of time-tested fashion that no man’s wardrobe should be without. It can be slick, shiny, and well-cared for or rugged, well-worn, and distressed; but either way, a high-quality men’s leather jacket will bring you years of wear. Discover a huge range of beautifully designed leathers at the official online TOM TAILOR shop and find a friend that lasts a lifetime.


The first leather jackets were designed for pilots during the earliest days of flight at the beginning of the 20th century. They were heavily insulated to protect against the cold at high altitudes, with a fleece lining that added an extra level of warmth while exploring the skies. In the Second World War, these now iconic leather jackets became known as bomber jackets, a style that is still popular today and the perfect piece of winter wear that’s ready for anything.

Popular culture was quick to latch onto the rugged charm of the leather jacket, and pretty soon it was the toast of Hollywood. Famous films such as Easy Rider introduced the world to the biker style leather jacket—another iconic cut that has stood the test of time. These heavily embellished jackets with studs, extra zips, large lapels, and heavy leathers were originally designed to protect motorcyclists in the event of accident. Today, however, they are associated with the epitome of cool, defining the look of actors, musicians, and artists around the world.


Leather jackets for men come in a variety of styles, cuts, and designs. For a night out of the town, a soft, supple and slimline black leather jacket is the height of cool, adding a touch of edgy elegance to a pair of trousers and dress shoes. For something a little more rock and roll, a tartan shirt and slim fit jeans pair perfectly with a biker style jacket, and after a little wear, you’ll achieve an authentic look that can be traced back to the 1950s. You’ll even find dyed leather jackets that bring a splash of colour to your wardrobe while retaining an enduring appeal.

Leather jackets are manufactured from a variety of leathers which have different properties. Full grain leather, for example, is considered the very best. Men’s leather jackets that are labelled as full grain use only the finest materials during manufacture and production. Suede and Nubuck offer a very different type of finish and require more care to ensure the delicate materials continue to look great. Finally, synthetic leather provides an almost indistinguishable leather-look that’s suitable for vegans, however, these jackets are not likely to have the same kind of durability as a true leather jacket. Whatever your preferred type of leather, browse our collection of men’s leather jackets and grab your own piece of history in the making.