We design for all men; various sizes and ready-to-wear items. Thanks to our know-how on fits, we can make sure that everyone feels comfortable in our casual looks. For more variety and comfort.

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Plus sizes for taller men

Good style has nothing to do with your figure– to this end, tall men who wear plus sizes can now find something they’ll love at TOM TAILOR men + and the collection: plus size fashion with lots of style! You’ll get new fashion highlights each month with us: from basics like T-shirts and jeans up to striking statement pieces. Men´s fashion for everyday wear and very special occasions. TOM TAILOR men + works with you, whatever the time of day. You can show off your smart and stylish side and then your sporty and casual side. Discover exceptional comfort in sizes you feel great in, where ever you are.

Sizes in the comfort zone

From jeans to jackets: in particular, tall men need clothing sizes that deviate from the standard. It is not always easy to find suitable, well-fitting clothing. With TOM TAILOR men +, you’ll find a great style in the blink of an eye because we have fashion in the sizes that you need. Always find new looks at fair prices, new every month. Exclusively online!

Men’s fashion: style yourself skinny

Tall men can use a few tricks to quickly conceal several pounds. It is so much easier than you think. First things first, forget the notion that especially wide clothing makes you look skinnier. That’s not true! Plus size jeans don’t automatically make you thinner just because they skim your legs. It just feels like that’s the case. The opposite doesn’t help either: you’re not likely to get the best figure if you’re fighting your way into jeans that are too tight around the bottom and waist. Only the perfect fit, not too loose and not too tight, creates the optimal slimming effect. This is the case for jeans and shirts.

Sleeves and jeans: the plainer, the better

Those who want to conceal pounds should dress as plainly as possible. That means: pair a blue shirt or sleeve with blue jeans. This makes the figure seem long and high. The darker and matter the material, the skinnier you’ll look. Tops and bottoms in different colours optically divide the body in two – that makes you look smaller and heavier. The shirt’s neckline also has a large influence on the figure. A V-neckline and button placket has a better slimming effect than a round neckline, as it elongates. Tall men should avoid robust, striking patterns, as they are very distinctive and can add extra emphasis to those problem areas. Small and fine patterns are better. Pinstripes and pinstriped suits are therefore a good idea! The fine vertical stripes make you appear thinner because they elongate. Waist pleat jeans are bulky and are therefore no good for heavier-set men. T-shirts should not be tucked into trousers as doing that emphasizes the belly. Better to let it casually hang outside the jeans waistband. Jackets and sports jackets are best when buttoned up. If the jackets are especially slim-fitting then they tend to stretch at the stomach. Therefore, jackets with one or two buttons are better for taller men as they have a better fit around this problem area.

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