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Men’s Shoes by TOM TAILOR

Men’s shoes should be selected carefully – according to the saying: „Show me your shoes and I tell you who you are! This famous saying dates back to the French poet of Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850). On one of his long walks through Paris he suddenly realized something. He immediately made a note: “A keen observer will always recognize by the condition of the shoes what kind of a person he is facing." He was right. The choice of shoes tells a lot about somebody’s status and character. Of course, in the past, it had not always been like this. 40.000 years ago people simply wanted to go from A to B without feeling pain. This was impossible barefooted during the cold winter. People wrapped fur and animal skins around their legs – this dampened each step and kept their feet warm. The Stone Age did not know the catwalk yet.

Men’s Shoes: In Ancient Times They Became a Status Symbol

According to a Forsa survey, three quarters of all Germans think that well-kept shoes tell a lot about their owners. The run for shoes as status symbols started most likely in ancient Egypt. At this time, only few people were allowed to wear sandals, artful buckles were an indication for wealth, and a soldier’s military rank could be seen on the number of straps on his sandals.

Men’s Shoes: Branded Products Instead of Cheap Goods

Since our feet carry us through life, we should choose top quality shoes and pay attention to ergonomics, comfort, and breathability. However, not only these criteria matter when good quality men’s shoes find new owners. Men know: Shoes are the indicator whether or not the overall appearance is smart. From sneakers to ankle boots, from loafers to boots – the shoe determines where the fashion leads to. While sneakers and sporty models, ankle boots and boots are rather leisure time shoes, leather loafers, like for example the classic wingtip shoe, are the ideal partners for more festive events. Chelsea boots rather belong to the range of more casual men’s shoes – but they can look extremely elegant. Add a pair of skinny dark blue jeans and a knee-long coat – they provide elegance to your outfit and turn you into an English gentleman.

Growing Old Together: Like This, Men’s Shoes Stay in Form

Cloth shoes are usually worn during the summer, the season for beach slippers is at the beach. Leather loafers will be worn all year round. To make sure that they always look good and last a long time, they need specific care. A shoe tree keeps the leather in shape and pulls wearing creases straight. It is best to use a wooden shoe tree. The untreated wood extracts the moisture from the leather. It is easier to clean the leather once the shoe is fixed on a shoe tree. Remove the coarse dirt using a brush, afterwards, depending on the type of leather, you can rub cleansing foam into the leather. After a short time remove the foam using a soft cloth. For polish and care apply shoe polish, - you best use a sponge or a cloth. Suede requires a special suede spray. Men’s shoes made of suede as well as cloth shoes have to be treated regularly with waterproofing spray. It protects the delicate leather or cloth from spots and has a water resistant effect.

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