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Men’s Jumpers And Sweatshirts By TOM TAILOR

With his elegant Cashmere men’s jumper with its v-neckline, Joachim Löw impressed during the 2014 football World Cup. Steve Jobs, the late Apple co-founder always wore black turtleneck pullovers, they were also the distinctive mark of the 1950s existentialists. Hans Dietrich Genscher didn’t even leave his home without his yellow jumper. It is hard to believe that until 1930 a jumper was a fashion no-go and socially unacceptable. The jumper was accepted only when people became more and more interested in sports. For people doing sports a jumper was a practical garment. As of this time jumpers became increasingly popular. As of the 1960s, men’s jumpers had arrived to be serious classics, they could even be worn under a jacket without a tie. Especially during the 1970s and 1980s: During the boom of the alternative organic movement self-knitted men’s jumpers made of natural wool were immensely popular. Today men’s jumpers are always in season: While men’s cashmere- and merino wool jumpers are rather reserved for the colder season, men’s jumpers and sweatshirts made of cotton are the perfect choice for spring and summer.

Men’s Jumpers: Perfectly Job-Fit

Men’s jumpers are offered with a large variety of necklines. However, the classics are the round neckline and the v-neckline. Both of them have become acceptable business-outfits. When during the winter men’s shirts and men’s suits do not protect sufficiently against the cold men’s jumpers with a round or a v-neckline can be worn over men’s shirts and under men’s jackets. The advantage of models with a v-neckline: The focus lies more on men’s ties. In the case of a round neckline, the collar must not be pulled over the jumper – this is where a button-down-men’s shirt is ideal. That is, if these outfits - and also the materials they are made of - are accepted by the company’s dress code. Coarsely knitted men’s jumpers are not really suitable, it is better to choose a fine yarn. Turtleneck jumpers, stand-up collars, polo-jumpers or half-zip jumpers are rather leisure time garments. The new men’s jumpers are tight fitting, this is why they appear highly elegant in combination with skinny men’s jeans. If you are planning to wear a men’s shirt under your jumper, you should remember this when selecting your size. In any case, the sleeves should reach the wrist and the shoulders should be wide enough.

Sweatshirts, Sweat Jackets And Hoodies For Men

To call a sweatshirt a shirt you sweat in is already rather discriminating to this fashionable all-rounder. But about 90 years ago people wore sweatshirts at sports only where they sweat a lot. US-sportsmen loved their sweaters made of skin-friendly cotton. During the 1960s signatures of the individual universities were placed right in to the sweater’s front. They instantly received a much stronger symbolic value and were recognized much more easily. Their importance grew considerably. Today, it is the mixture of style and function which makes sweatshirts so seductive. They are always pleasant to wear, the soft pure cotton material is ultimately comfortable, breathable and skin friendly. Sweatshirts, sweat jackets and hoodies for men are the perfect choice for a casual look, creating a genuine streetwear style. What will you choose: Signatures, prints, plain or patterned, with decorative stitching, patches, classically grey-mottled, with hood or rather without?