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Whether you’re a short shorts guy or a board shorts guy, there’s nothing quite like pulling on your favourite pair at the start of summer. They’re perfect for the beach, at the pool, or just lazing on a terrace with a cold beer, in fact, wherever you wear them, a pair of stylish swim shorts is sure to make a splash. Dive into your next summer adventure with a huge range of exciting and eye-catching shorts at the official online TOM TAILOR shop.


Men’s swim shorts come in a variety of summer inspired patterns, prints, and colours. Including bright reds and yellows with vintage style prints and darker tones of blue or grey with stripes or intricate patterns—extrovert or introvert, you’ll find a pair that matches your style. For those midsummer afternoons on the coast, pair your swim shorts with a cool tank and let your skin lap up the sun. As the sun sets, throw on a hoody and stay warm in true beach bum style. When it’s time to go home, men’s swim shorts can just be rolled up in a towel and placed in your bag—just remember to dry them out a little first.

For anyone who loves the white water and adrenaline of surfing or wake boarding, there are swim shorts designed specifically to help you look good on your board. Kite surfing? Jet skiing? Scuba diving? We’ve got you covered. Half asleep on a beach towel under a cool sun shade with the ice bucket to hand? No problem! In fact, however you like to spend time at the beach, whether catching a few rays with a good book or heading out to deep water with your diving buddies, you’ll find the ideal swim shorts in our collection.


Whether you want something loose fitting and baggy or skin tight and form-fitting, there’s a pair of swim shorts for you. Tight shorts are manufactured using a variety of high-quality materials, including elasticated fabrics that mould perfectly to your body shape. Featuring integrated drawstrings for extra security when going in and out of the water, skin tight men’s swim shorts are light and streamlined when swimming, plus, they’re always ready for some serious sunbathing.

Longer board shorts or swim shorts provide a looser fit and feature elasticated waistbands or drawstrings for security. These types of swim shorts are ideal for men who want a little more room for manoeuvre, and they’re always a hit with surfers and beach footballers. They also look great paired with a t-shirt when you want to head to the bar—just don’t forget the sunglasses to finish off the look. Whether you’re the active type or more of a laidback sun lover, whether you spend most of your time in the water or at the bar, you’ll find the perfect pair of shorts for your next summer holiday—hot weather and good vibes await!