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Polo shirts from TOM TAILOR

The polo shirt is a wonderful compromise: if a T-shirt is too casual and a shirt too formal then men cannot go wrong with a polo shirt. It was the polo shirt that first made short sleeves socially acceptable. Short sleeves with ribbed cuffs, a ribbed collar with a button placket are characteristic for these shirts, as is the material, of course,: cotton piqué with a waffle texture. Polo shirts made of other types of fabrics are available – in jersey for example. Fabrics with a percentage of elastane have shown themselves to be especially versatile, they are figure-hugging but still offer great freedom of movement.

A tennis star had a light bulb moment

The all-rounder, which is just as stylish as it is sporty, has been around for 85 years. Necessity was the mother of this invention. A French tennis player, nicknamed “the Crocodile” no longer wanted to play in the standard long-sleeved shirts of the time. He felt they were hideously impractical and far too warm. So he thought about alternatives and was inspired by the club shirts that had been worn in warm India since the start of the 20th century. Long story short, he discovered the polo shirt in 1933 and put left his mark on the chest: the crocodile. Initially, he kept his invention to himself. But people were so impressed and the polo’s time at the top began. Polo shirts caught on so quickly that the professional tennis star mass produced them. Six years later, he was producing up to 300,000 polo shirts each year.

The whole world loves polo shirts

At the end of the 50s, young Brits discovered “chic fashion”. They wore polo shirts with close-fitting suits under a parka and chose the Vespa as their method of transport. It is here that the polo shirt became even more popular, the birth of the mod movement. Polo shirts are beautiful and sleek. They’re ideal for nearly every occasion. Whether it’s casual or a fine evening engagement: it’s normally right to wear a polo shirt. Its sporty elegance is hard to beat. And you’re in good hands on holiday too, it doesn’t matter if your playing tennis or at the hotel bar in the evenings.

From retro to colour blocking: the vibrant world of polo shirts

Over the decades, striking motifs have joined the sleek yet plain polos on the market. Flowers, geometric patterns, checks, stripes or lettering – anything goes, as long as you like it. Our TOM TAILOR polo shirts are adorned with a fine T on the chest. Alongside plain classics in all the colour tones, you could choose from pieces in a melange finish, with a contrasting coloured collar back or with fine stripes on the sleeves and collar edge, which are very hip right now. When it gets a little colder, long-sleeved alternatives are a no-brainer – you shouldn’t have to go without your favourite polo shirt in the winter. If you prefer paisley patterns or stripes, then no need to worry – you’re sure to find your favourite piece in our collection. You can also wear polo shirts in bold colours with trousers in a contrasting colour – colour blocking is totally in right now! The classic tennis style is in a world apart from the current trends of the season: a white shirt, paired with pale Bermudas or chinos - is a look that never fails! You’re always dressed to impress in a dark blue polo shirt, which you should combine with a pair of beige chinos or washed-out jeans. The polo shirt looks after itself. When it gets colder, a round neckline jumper or sweatshirt are ill-advised. This is because the polo collar demands freedom for the neck. A better choice for polo shirts would be cardigans, V-neck jumpers or sweatshirt jackets.

Avoid looking slobby, find the perfect size

This is how to work out your perfect size: the shirts should be close-fitting but sit casually, with the sleeves ending around ten centimetres above the elbow. Very important: these shirts should end at the hips and should never be tucked in. The collar should likewise not be turned up, it has to be turned down. If you prefer being buttoned up, do not fasten the top button. This may look too severe.

Exceedingly easy-care: this is how to keep them in shape

Caring for these all-rounders couldn’t be easier: wash pale and dark colours separately so they do not run. Turn the polos shirts inside out and wash them at a maximum temperature of 40° C. Put the polo shirts back in shape and hang them up head first whilst still wet. Doing this means you’ll have to iron less. Button placket and collar can be ironed up with ironing starch so that everything is in line.