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Casual, cool, and ready for anything—the simple t-shirt is the perfect fit for almost any occasion. It can be handsome and refined on a night out when paired with a smart blazer and trousers, or full-on street style with a pair of skinny jeans, sweater, and baseball cap. In fact, it’s among the most versatile pieces of clothing you’ll ever own. It’s not just a t-shirt, it’s your go-to garment and a true wardrobe staple that no man can be without.

Whether you’re looking for basic t-shirts in black and white for the ultimate in layering, or you want something a little more eye-catching and unique, our range of men’s t-shirts provides plenty of choice. Want something bold and bright with graphic prints or slogans? Need a simple tee for everyday work wear? Searching for a t-shirt with the perfect fit for your frame? Relax—our collection of men’s t-shirts has got you covered.


Men’s t-shirts are available in countless styles and cuts, and the sheer range of different looks this simple design can achieve means you’ll never get bored. Classic crew necks are always a favourite, and you can choose between form-fitting cuts that show off your body or looser cuts designed for a little more comfort. You’ll also find V-neck and U-neck t-shirts that give you a little more space around the collar—ideal for warmer days when you want the breeze to pass through your shirt.

Henley neck t-shirts offer a compromise, allowing you to button-up the top half of your tee to your preference. You’ll also find longer tees that fall well below the waist and cap sleeves to match—a truly on-trend look that’s hot in cities around the world. Loose fitting or skin tight, men’s t-shirts look great on all body shapes and sizes. You can even go long-sleeved or three-quarter length sleeved when you want to stay warm. Whatever your style, there’s a t-shirt to match.


All of the t-shirts in the TOM TAILOR collection are manufactured from the highest quality materials—and each tee is built to last the distance. Whether you pull it on every day for work or it stays pristine inside your wardrobe for a special occasion, our tees are always ready. In the softest cottons, jersey, and synthetic mixes, the fabrics used are also kind to your skin and comfortable to wear.

A range of clever details rounds off the collection, allowing you to build a number of different looks around a statement piece tee. Distressed fabrics, faded washes, and thoughtfully placed tears provide a grungy look, while decorative pockets and collars bring something a little more sophisticated to the table. Vintage colours and prints look great with a leather jacket, while more modern styles include geometric designs and neon colours. Finally, this collection of men’s t-shirts wouldn’t be complete without the plain white, an enduring classic that doesn’t need any fancy detailing to look great.